• Programming temperature for AD8557


    I have a question about the below. 

     <copied from datasheet>

    > When programming the AD8557, the temperature of the device must be between 10°C to 40°C

    Is there a way to overcome the temperature limitation ?

    many thanks.


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    Is blowing the fuses in AD8555, AD8556, AD8557 always 100% necessary?

  • AD8557 Evaluation board layout

    Could you give me AD8557 Evaluation board layout?

    I'd like to draw out DIGIN /DIGOUT wiring from AD8557 Evaluation board and connect to the product experimental production board.(I'd like to write the gain and an offset in a device of my product experimental…

  • Power-supply of AD8557


    I am designing sensor circuit using the AD8557.

    I have two questions about this device.

    1.Datasheet describes that AD8557 operates from single-supply voltage of 2.7V to 5.5V.

      Can this device be used with ± power-supply? .
      I think that it…

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    we are planning to use the AD8556/AD8557 digital programmable In-Amps for a new PCB design to measure strain gauges in wheatstone bridges. The datasheet however does not specify the ESD Ratings or internal protection features against ESD/overvoltage…

  • Supply voltage for AD8557 programming


    On your datasheet it is indicated "A 5.75 V (±0.25 V) supply is required when blowing fuses to minimize the on resistance of the internal MOS switches that blow the fuse"
    On your evaluation board (AD8556-EVALZ/AD8556CP-EBZ) the supply…

  • Power supply problem about AD8557

    i am suing AD8557, having some issues showing below,

    could you please help clarify it.

    Questions are as follows:

    1, the input signal frequency: 50mV,20kHz;

    2. the data says the power supply should be 2.7~5.5V , but why some Web site says we can use…

  • Supply Voltage of Instrumentation Amplifier AD8557

    Hello Amplifier-Expert,

    We are designing to put your AD8557 Instrumentation Amplifier.

    So I have a question for this.

    Can I drive AD8557 with +/-3.3V or +/-5.5V dual-power supply(positive and negative) or not?

    I can find Vdd and Vss on your datasheet…

  • Programming temperature for AD8556 and AD8557


    The datasheet for both AD8556 and AD8557 states that, when programming the device, its temperature must remain between 10 and 40 deg C. I have two questions regarding this:

    1. Can this constraint be overcome (e.g., by adjusting the pulse widths…

  • RE: FRESENIUS / ASTEEL : AD8557 (ANA) (SR#: 1200145)

    Where do I connect 5.75V to in order to blow the fuses, AVDD, DVDD, VCLAMP or a
    combination of these?


    Typically VCLAMP and DVDD set to the same voltage as AVDD, to avoid having
    supplies. The fuse blow current flows between…