• AD8556 ;


    I want to design a instrumentation ampflier for strain gages with a single supply of 5 volt. It is a wheatston bridge as a pressure sensor, which includes three 500 ohm resistors and one strain gage (500 ohm).

    1- Is the AD8556 be the best choice…

  • AD8556 Programming problem

    Hi, there,

    I just started to use AD8556 for my sensor board.

    To get the maximum total gain, I tried to program theAD8556 like this.

    Second stage Gain = 7, First stage Gain = 127, Offset = 0x40.

    0x40 for Offset setting is just for checking easily whether…

  • AD8556 failed output waveform

    Hi All,


    My customer has trouble with his board in which he utilizes AD8556 In-Amp.

    Load Cell is connected to the input of AD8556 and the output of AD8556 is connected to MCU.

    He first found noisy waveform from AD8556 in his board.

    Then I suggest…

  • AD8556/AD8557 ESD rating


    we are planning to use the AD8556/AD8557 digital programmable In-Amps for a new PCB design to measure strain gauges in wheatstone bridges. The datasheet however does not specify the ESD Ratings or internal protection features against ESD/overvoltage…

  • AD8556 input voltage range / supply voltage

    Dear All,

    We have designed and assembled two different boards with the AD8556. According to the data sheet (page 4 specifications and page 18 "shorted wire fault detection"), both inputs must be between 2 and 3V with VDD=5V. But we have VDD=3.3V because…

  • AD8556: Parity-fuse and programming


    I have another question regarding fuses and parity.

    The data sheet states:
    "After the master fuse is blown, that is, after the AD8556 is programmed, the output from the parity circuit (PAR_SUM signal) is fed to PARITY_ERROR. When PARITY_ERROR…

  • AD8556 Evaluation board is not working

    Hello ,

    I have purchased sdp - s board and evaluation board AD8556 programmable gain signal amplifier .

    I have downloaded user manual of evaluation board from following  analog devices website


  • AD8556 doesn't work after blowing master fuse


    I have a problem with programming AD8556. The simulation mode works well but in program mode, after blowing master fuse the amplifier output is 0 V, and it does not change. For programming I use Arduino UNO with special library and 5.3 V from…

  • Programming temperature for AD8556 and AD8557


    The datasheet for both AD8556 and AD8557 states that, when programming the device, its temperature must remain between 10 and 40 deg C. I have two questions regarding this:

    1. Can this constraint be overcome (e.g., by adjusting the pulse widths…

  • AD8556: Offset-Settings vs. output gain / gain bandwidth


    I am interested in using the AD8556.
    In the data sheet there is no specification regarding offset settings.
    - Especially I want to know the step size of output offset in respect to second stage gain.
    - Likewise, what is the factor of DAC-value to…