• AD8552

    目前我用AD8552做了一个全波整流电路,电路如附件所示,目前Test1点的电压小于-0.8V(即 -0.9V),则Test2电压将不再保持为0V,这不符合单电源电压跟随器的特性,这是什么原因造成的呢?是芯片内部保护吗?为什么LTspice XVII上不会有这个问题?我该怎么解决这个问题? 请您尽快回复。
  • AD8552 spice model


    I found AD 8552 spice model not working properly.Initially the file was not reading , then I found  there is two "dots' in before "subckt" declaration and I changed it and my spice program ( LT Spice) started reading. But I got a model without any…

  • Using AD8552 to build a zero offset InAmp

    Using AD8552 to build a zero offset InAmp


    The circuit you describe using 3 AD855X opamps will not work. The gain is too
    high and even with a common mode voltage equal to mid-supply, the first stage
    amplifiers will saturate when the…
  • AD8551 / AD8552 / AD8554: typo in datasheet Rev D figure 68

    In figure 68 of AD8551 / AD8552 / AD8554 datasheet Rev D the part shown part in
    the circuit is AD8552 and not AD8551. This is the conclusion of comparing the
    figure with the pin configuration on page 1. The part in the circuit should be
  • RE: AD7732的模拟量输入电流需要多少


  • RE: How to reduce effect of temperature to relaxation oscillator (using AD8542)?

    Hi Harry,

    I've tried with AD8535 and AD8552 but the problem is not fixed.

    The output is still effected by temperature. And I found new problem.

    With the same circuit (just change opamp), there are the different frequency output

    - With AD8542:…

  • RE: 这11大应用领域,你在里面么?



  • RE: offset problem of AD8629 OPAMP

    Thanks for your response. We have tried an AD8552 as a replacement with no problems so far. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Bruce Cardoza

    Emerald Instruments

  • RE: AD5445 single supply application


    Please see above additional questions,


    LTC6078 has 25uV maximum offset voltage, as same as OP97

    I simulated in SPICE and it should work.

    AD8066 cannot be used per your answer above.

    I simulated in SPICE and it should work.

    I am going…

  • AD822: Phase reversal

    Tha datasheet states that the opamp AD822 do not phase invert the output signal
    when the input signal exceeds the supply voltage, but it does. How can that be?


    It is important to distinguish between over-voltage protection (i.e. the