• ad8551

    I am trying to develop Hall Effect current sensors.Please advise can i use the AD8551 Op-amp to get the voltage.if yes please provide the Application Diagram for the same

  • AD8551 / AD8552 / AD8554: typo in datasheet Rev D figure 68

    In figure 68 of AD8551 / AD8552 / AD8554 datasheet Rev D the part shown part in
    the circuit is AD8552 and not AD8551. This is the conclusion of comparing the
    figure with the pin configuration on page 1. The part in the circuit should be
  • AD8336;The AGC circuit based on AD8336 is constructed by using the application manual AN-934. What determines the stable time of the AGC circuit?

       Hello!ADI engineer.

       Recently,I am working on how to build AGC  circuits using the AD8336. According to the application manual AN-934,I  finished the design of AGC circult, but in the process of testing,I found that the stable time was too long, with 3…

  • AD855: long term stability of the offset voltage

    It seems that there is no information in the data sheet of the
    OpAmp about its offset voltage aging. Can you specify a long term
    stability of the offset voltage ?


    We do not explicitly test or specify long term drift on the AD8551 but…
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  • RE: 这11大应用领域,你在里面么?



  • AD8551 at 2.5V supply (a bit outside of spec)

    we are manufacturer of high-end relative humidity transmitters and relative
    humidity calibrators. We want to
    redesign an existing application and are looking at designing in the AD8551.
    The power supply of the AD8551 application is only…
  • AD8551_figure 60 gain calculation

    There is a question about the application of AD8551 on page16 of datasheet.
    I think the gain of AD8551 in Figure 60 is R9/R8=124000/453=273.7.
    But as show in datasheet, the output voltage track temperature at 10mV/℃, the
    input voltage…
  • 最爱ADI放大器-AD8551


  • AD8551差分输入处理