• RE: AD8541 Large Signal Voltage Gain 's Vs dependency

    Dear Anna

    I beleve in ADI datasheet.

    This Avo feature is changed by Vs drastic.

    So I would like to know changing point.



    Dear Anna Datasheet say "The AD8541/AD8542/AD8544 are optimized to maintain high gains at lower supply voltages…

  • RE: to connect or not to connect Multiple ADA4930-2 Vocm(x) together

    Hi Ching,

    You can actually use any op amps as a buffer but I would recommend AD8542, ADA4001-2, or AD8672 because these are low noise, low input bias current op amps that suit your application.

    Also, since you need only two buffers (one for each AD9681…

  • RE: 【求助】ADMP401 加运放ADA4897-1 电路  Vref取值问题?


    REF的值主要取决于后端运放的供电范围以及要放大的信号增益。具体计算可以参考ADI应用笔记AN1165  Supply Voltage一节。

  • DC voltage divider for the ADALM1000

    The ADALM1000 can do one thing very well - convert an analog voltage to a digital representation. The 16 bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) in the ALM1000 signal chain has been designed and optimized for a single voltage range, 0 to +5V. So how can…

  • RE: Transimpedance Amplifier (Photodiode interface)

    What is wrong with it(AD8541, AD8542) being CMOS?  The datasheet says it can run from a single supply as low as 2.7V.

    Back to the subject of spinning a board that will happen on Wednesday.  I just want to get as much worked out as possible before then…

  • Conditioning ADMP404 output for ADC

    I am looking into using the ADMP404 MEMS mic as a source for medium quality (100-3,000Hz) voice.  Everything runs off a low power 3v supply.  I need to compress/condition the audio input and also amplify it so that it can be digitized using a 12 bit ADC…

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    • 差分放大器驱动184 MSPS SAR ADC,接受±10 V输入
    • 高分辨率、零漂移电流检测放大器
    • 适用于高精度设计的微功耗基准电压源
    • 精密放大器针对低功耗、宽电源电压范围应用而优化

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