• RE: Error with ADS simulation using import of AD8542 SPICE model

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  • Power on time for AD8542

    I am using the AD8542 in an application powered by a 3V coin cell.  As such, the power for the AD8540 is turned on/off by a FET.  What is a good number to wait after applying power to the AD8542 before it is ready for signals?

  • AD8541 AD8542 AD8544 noise (low frequency)

    May you please provide any data of AD8541/AD8542/AD8544's voltage noise in low frequency? I mean 0.1-10 Hz uV p-p.

    I want to use it for EEG/ECG amplifier: exactly AD8542 - one op-amp for getting reference voltage (Vmid)- for a voltage follower in…

  • How to reduce effect of temperature to relaxation oscillator (using AD8542)?

    I'm using AD8542 to create relaxation oscillator with the schematic below

    But it has problem with temperature. Frequency out is drift about 4-5Hz/*C.

    Can you help me to reduce this effect?

  • input voltage


    To limit the input voltage, I put 10k ohm series register and two diodes before the input of AD8542.
    Voltage at the input pin is limited between -0.7V and +5.7V.
    Does +5.7V input voltage cause damage to AD8542 which operates with Vs=+5.0V ?
    How about…

  • RE: TI TL034芯片ADI是否有对应的放大器可以替代?



  • AD8452 max duty


    In AD8542's D/S, DMAX is 97%. Would it be available both charge mode and discharge mode ? We consider DC in as +48V and DC out as +1.5V for battery. In this case the maximum duty would be 96.8% at discharge mode. How much is minimum on time at charge…

  • DC voltage divider for the ADALM1000

    The ADALM1000 can do one thing very well - convert an analog voltage to a digital representation. The 16 bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) in the ALM1000 signal chain has been designed and optimized for a single voltage range, 0 to +5V. So how can…

  • Operational amplifiers for usage in GIC

    Dear AD Engineers,

    In order to construct device for measurements in condensed matter physics we analyze different filters.

    We search a modern operational amplifier for usage in Generalized Impedance Converter (GIC).

    Looking in AD collection of dual operational…

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