• Power on time for AD8542

    I am using the AD8542 in an application powered by a 3V coin cell.  As such, the power for the AD8540 is turned on/off by a FET.  What is a good number to wait after applying power to the AD8542 before it is ready for signals?

  • RE: AD8223B reference input voltage clamping



      I think Matt is on to something, but the AD8567 is a quad.  Look at the AD8542.  It's a cheap dual that should get

    within 20-30 mV of ground sinking 100 uA.  See figure 22 on the AD8542 datasheet.


  • Error with ADS simulation using import of AD8542 SPICE model

    I get the following error when performing a simulation in ADS 2015.01 using an imported AD8542 SPICE model.

    Error detected by hpeesofsim during netlist flattening.  'ad8542.s1' is an instance of an undefined model 'spice_vswitch'.


  • RE: How to reduce effect of temperature to relaxation oscillator (using AD8542)?

    Thank Harryh for your reply.

    I used NP0 type capacitor and resistor with 25ppm/*C.

    Can you suggest partnumber of suitable opamp to replace AD8542?

  • input voltage


    To limit the input voltage, I put 10k ohm series register and two diodes before the input of AD8542.
    Voltage at the input pin is limited between -0.7V and +5.7V.
    Does +5.7V input voltage cause damage to AD8542 which operates with Vs=+5.0V ?
    How about…

  • AD8541 AD8542 AD8544 noise (low frequency)

    May you please provide any data of AD8541/AD8542/AD8544's voltage noise in low frequency? I mean 0.1-10 Hz uV p-p.

    I want to use it for EEG/ECG amplifier: exactly AD8542 - one op-amp for getting reference voltage (Vmid)- for a voltage follower in…

  • AD8452 max duty


    In AD8542's D/S, DMAX is 97%. Would it be available both charge mode and discharge mode ? We consider DC in as +48V and DC out as +1.5V for battery. In this case the maximum duty would be 96.8% at discharge mode. How much is minimum on time at charge…

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)


  • The concept of Large signal voltage gain 's measurement condition ?


    I would like to know how to decide the condition of "Large signal voltage gain".

    For example, AD8542's condition is

    Vs=2.7V VCM=1.35V

        RL=100Kohm Vo=0.5 to 2.2V

    Vs=5V VCM=2.5V

        RL=100Kohm Vo=0.5 to 2.2V

    How to decide this vo condition…

  • RE: TI TL034芯片ADI是否有对应的放大器可以替代?