• AD8541: Input current limit

    I don't find any statement about the input protection of the AD8541/2/4 opamp,
    but in the datasheet of the AD8603 it is mentioned that the
    inputs should be protected by resistors that keep input currents below 5 mA if
    the input voltage…
  • AD8541 input overvoltage

    Hello. It is possible to use AD8541/2/4 if the input voltage greater than the supply voltage with external clamping diodes and a current limiting resistor?

  • AD8541 AD8542 AD8544 noise (low frequency)

    May you please provide any data of AD8541/AD8542/AD8544's voltage noise in low frequency? I mean 0.1-10 Hz uV p-p.

    I want to use it for EEG/ECG amplifier: exactly AD8542 - one op-amp for getting reference voltage (Vmid)- for a voltage follower in…

  • AD8541 Large Signal Voltage Gain 's Vs dependency


    AD8541 revG datasheet say

    Regarding about Large Signal Voltage Gain

          Avo= 100V/mV @ Vs=2.7V, 3.0V

       but Avo=20V/mV @ Vs=5.0V

    Load is 100Kohm, so these are not a big difference, I think.

    Could I see the "Avo vs Vs" feature?


  • 关于运放的一些参数-AD8541




    single-supply Operation:2.7V to 5.5V,根据自己所需要的电路供电电压和输出电压…

  • I-V放大器的放大倍数(TO ADI)AD8541

    1. I-V放大器的放大倍数是如何计算的,倍数就等于Rf的值吗?等同这里的10M  ?

    2. 如果是这样,那么设计的带宽范围很窄了,一般OP的单位增益带宽是10M的很大了,这样带宽几乎就1HZ了< 根据  f = 1/ (2pi R C)  >,如果是? 有什么方法可以改善带宽问题,谢谢

    3. 在互阻放大器中,PIN二极管的有多种,一种正极接地,一种是负极接电源,如图中。这两者有什么区别?

  • RE: AD8450 and AD1972

    Hi ,

    Does anyone know if there is any Evaluation Board that has AD8541 + AD1972 on board?

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)

    常州市 武进区 常州科教城  做柴油发动机控制器开发 关注运放AD8541、AD7190。

  • RE: Transimpedance Amplifier (Photodiode interface)



      There is nothing "wrong" with the AD8541 family.  We split op amps into a precision group,

    (less than 1 mV Vos, and less than 50 MHz) and a high speed group. (greater than 50 MHz).

    The AD8541 family has some historical reasons why…

  • RE: HMC1082LP4E

    Hi DNGZK,

    1). Is the HMC1082LP4E Gain vs Temperature performance data given in the datasheet  obtained with the temperature compensation network ?

    There is no on chip compensation network for gain vs. temp.

    The Vdet and Vref pins are a separate power detector…