• AD8538 in a thermopile circuit

    I want to use the AD8538 in a thermopile circuit.
    Can I have the values of the circuit (follow the link or see attachment)?

  • AD8538 as auto-zero buffer?

    I've done a bit of reading on the operating principle behind the auto-zero amplifier, but have some questions for our particular needs.

    Is it appropriate to assume that in a "quiescent" state, where the amplifier non-inverting input is at ground (V…

  • AD8538 - thermopile amplifier circuit

    Hi all!

    I would like to build a thermopile (built in thermistor) circuit which can measure mid infrared spectrum in uV range. I found the following circuit:


  • Dropout voltage of AD8538 versus load current?

    How much dropout voltage (Vsys - Vout) must I allow for if I the load current greater than the limits in the datasheet electrical table? Looking at a low-voltage op amp like the AD8538 at Vsys = 2.7V, the datasheet lists a Voh with a 10k load,  but what…

  • How to use AD8538 in a thermopile circuit

    My research has pointed me to a link


    Unfortuantly that link is now dead but I have found the webarchive version: Using a Thermopile Sensor in IR Digital Thermometers…

  • AD8538 in high-side current measurement and temperature simulation in LTSpice


    I try to simulate a high-side current measurement circuit. But when i simulate with different temperatures the current output curve moves (due to offset) much more than I expect.

    For the AD8538 the offset voltage drift is about 0.03uV/C. So when…

  • AD8638

    I have planned to use AD8638 opamp in my project. Am in need of the spice model for the simulations.

    Could anyone help me in getting the spice model for AD8538.


    Chiranjeevi M

  • RE: 求推荐低温度系数运放和电压源芯片

    对于运放来讲,您可以选择我们zero drift,例如AD8538、AD8551、AD8571。关于参考,您也可以选择温漂较小的产品,例如:AD688/AD588、AD598/ADR4520等。

  • RE: 希望提供一个电路。

    你好,如果你要放大的信号不是差分信号的话,就选用一般的通用放大器就可以了,比如:AD8613, AD8538都可以用单电源5v供电,也可以满足带宽要求。