• high output current opamp (AD8531)


    I‘m trying to find a opamp with high output current (>100mA) used as voltage follower to drive a RLC circuit. The driving signal is around 900kHz, ±1.5V.  Currently I'm working on AD8531 and only have ±3V power supply for the opamp.…

  • AD8531 Offset Voltage Min Typ

    Dear Team,

    May I know the Typ offset voltage of AD8531.In the datasheet, only the Max value is given.

     I am using AD8531 as a unity gain buffer with a single supply of 5V



  • AD8531 Leakage from input signal to power supply voltage


    I have a question about AD8531.

    Can current leak to the power supply regardless of the input signal voltage level?

    It is used under the conditions of V + = 5V and VIN = 900mV.
    The input signal leaks to the power supply, and the output waveform seems…

  • RE: HMC1082LP4E

    Hi DNGZK,

    1). Is the HMC1082LP4E Gain vs Temperature performance data given in the datasheet  obtained with the temperature compensation network ?

    There is no on chip compensation network for gain vs. temp.

    The Vdet and Vref pins are a separate power detector…

  • RE: OpAmp like AD8603 but better

    Hi mikhail.russkih,

    You can take a look at the AD8531. It is RRIO, can be powered down to 3V, and is available in SOT-23. Please check and let me know if it suits your purposes.

    On this device's typical curve, it can do less than 200mV at 30mA. However…

  • RE: 求推荐一款低功耗,足够高压摆率的轨至轨放大器


  • ADIsimPE的使用

    刚刚接触ADI的仿真软件,想用来仿真AD8531放大器。在simulator 设计完成后,点击运行,软件没有反应。显示运行的界面一闪而逝,也没有探针波形显示。这是什么原因啊?邮箱652867014@qq.com   ADI的论坛经常刷不开,如您知晓或者可以一起讨论下。谢谢

  • RE: AD8597


    Good day. Thank you for your interest in using ADI Parts. In AD8597, it looks like the short circuit current was not included in the model, but the data specified on the data sheet is the correct current value. If you are looking for a device that…

  • RE: ADA4522 CMRR spec

    Hi, Emman, thanks for the prompt response.

    I'm sorry but I find that explanation very hard to accept. It seems to me that it would be a very unusual op-amp where the CMRR drops by 50dB from DC to 10Hz - that is a huge amount, especially given that isn…

  • RE: Suitable Amplifier to operate relay

    Hi Skup,

    Thank you for considering ADI products for your applications You can use these amplifiers to drive your relays: AD8591AD8531 and  AD8000.Make sure to adjust the supply voltage of the amplifier to compensate for the output headroom of the device…