• AD8515: Die size

    Are these dies AD8515 and OP284CHIPS smaller than 1 x 1 mm²? That would be an
    absolute max for us.


    1. The OP284CHIPS has a die size of 1.620 mm x 2.301 mm.
    2. The AD8515 has a die size of 0.660 mm x 0.920 mm.

    Therefore only the…
  • AD8515 Wein Bridge Oscillator LTSPICE design fails


    I am trying to use LTSPICE to simulate FIgure 38 of AD8515 Rev E Datasheet, "Low Power Wein Bridge Oscillator". 

    I downloaded and imported into LTSPICE XVII the spice subckt for AD8515, and wired up the circuit and got "flat line…

  • RE: AD8515 - Low voltage limits, Negative values


    The AD8515 has wide range of differential signal as seen on Absolute Maximum Rating.
    The input may also exceed the supply range as discussed on the Theory of Operation.
    Figure 27 also displays an input of 3.2V and a lower supply range of +/-0.9V.

  • AD7746 / AD8515 conformal coating


    We are using the AD7746 and AD8515 to measure a capacitive pressure cell, does anyone have any experience with using conformal coating on these components and circuit?

    Could DCA scc3 conformal coating effect its performance?



  • RE: EVAL-AD7745/46EBZ Range Extension

    I checked the AD8515 and it's working fine.

  • RE: Low power (2v 1mA ) balanced / MC / dynamic mic pre-amp


    I would look at the AD8515. This part does a good job of balancing low supply current, low voltage operation and low noise. Since it is a standard op amp, you will need to drive a transformer to create a balanced signal from the single-ended output…

  • RE: AD7747 - Liquid Level Measurement

    Hi Kumar,

    Your equation for Cin looks inline with that used in the evaluation software, it should be ok.  Cref is the internal reference capacitance. I have attached an application note that has some detail on this parameter (page 2) which should be true…

  • RE: ADSP-CM408F电机驱动电源板