• struggling with Spice simulation of AD8513


    I want to use AD8513 with my circuit but first I want to simulate its behavior, My design software is Altium Designer, after spending time on it try trying to figure out why it doesn't behave correctly I realize I may not inserted correctly the Spice…

  • RE: what is the input impedance of AD8513?

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  • AD8513 Wide Bandwidth and Phase Reversal


    I am analyzing stability of a number of circuits using AD8513, my first approach is through PSpice simulation and rate-of-closure criteria. So first, I need to confirm the model of this opamp behaves as it is depicted in its datasheet. In Figure…

  • Can the AD8513 be powered by a single 5 V supply?


    I have been using the AD8513 opamp, powered by a single 5 V power supply, as a buffer at the output of a DAC and have noticed that the input offset voltage is rather high: I've seen it as high as 20 mV. The datasheet doesn't explicitly say that…

  • AD8513功耗問題


    我採用AD8513 14pin封裝


    V+為+12V, V-為-12V

    上電後, 兩個channel都是8mA



    Supply Current/Amplifier (ISY)

    AD8513      2.75mA

    這是為什麼差這麼多阿? (線路只插了V+及V-, 其餘浮接)

    請先進們指導, 謝謝

  • 关于AD8513滤波电路的问题


  • can AD8513 be used as a instrumentation amplifier?

    In AD8513 data sheet mentioned that it can be used as a instrumentation amplifier. can anyone please confirm it

  • RE: ADA4522 Spice model Input Bias Current Too high

    I tried an AD8513 model from my library an it looks to be working OK. - see pics for voltages. So there must be something wrong with the ADA4522 model

  • RE: OP4177 opamp is not working as voltage limiter.



    I think you might be stuck.  The precsion bipolar op amps usually have diodes between the inputs to protect the diff pair so you don't zener the EB junction.  You might look at some of the JFET op amps, such as the ADA4000-4 or the AD8513, but…