• RE: AD7466 VIN drops issue

    Hi Jonathan,

    The AD8512 and the AD8620 are not pin-to-pin compatible with LTC2055 so I would not like to use them.

    I'll try to test with AD823A.



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  • Is offset of power supply voltage possible?

    Hi all,

    I have planned the product using AD8512ARMZ.

    Although operation Voltage of AD8512 is ±15 V, we want to use by V+=+24 and V-=-5V.

    And 0V-20V are required for the output voltage range.

    It is used where all of power supply voltage, input voltage…

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  • Antilog Amplifier with SSM2212

    In the datasheet of the SSM2212 you show a fast logarithmic amplifier using the AD8512 and some specific resistors for temperature compensation (an amazing detail!). For an interface to one of my RF circuits, I need an antilog amplifier. Could you suggest…

  • AD8512_Stability Analysis Multiple OPAMP_CIRCUIT_LTSPICE

    Dear Team,

    I am trying to find the phase margin of one of my circuits which contain two opamps(AD8512) and one instrumentation amplifier(AD8421).

    I break the FB loop in the first opamp(U1, please see the figure). I am getting a phase margin of 10.


  • RE: Die structure in OpAmps

    Hi Abhijit Pethkar,

    Thank you for clarifying that. I understand that the products you mentioned seem to function similarly. After all, these amps are generally classified together under precision category, especially that AD8512 and AD8513 belong to…

  • RE: ADA4627-1 and capacitive loads

    Hi Steffen,

    In line with my recommended parts in my first reply, I found out that the newer ADA4610-2 (dual) could be a much better replacement. It is the direct next generation of AD8512 (dual version of AD8510) and at the same time better trimmed version…

  • AD9629 in single ended mode. input minus vref.


    I ve got a question regarding the high speed AD9629 for a new design, in single ended mode. I need to know if my solution is correct. In single ended mode such as figure 39 of the datasheet. Can I use VREF to substract my input and shift down…

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