• About AD8512

    Our customers have to consider the use of AD8512.

    Circuit uses the p16 Figure 50 of the data sheet.
    However, waveform, such as Figure 52 is not output in the simulation of LTSpice.

    Do you know that do not cause the waveform of the same?

    Pink waveform…

  • AD8512 reliability


    I'm using this operational amplifier in my project and my next task is to calculate MTBF with MIL-HDBK-217F. I didn't find anything in datasheet or AD's website about how to do this so if anyone has done it or know where I can find useful information…

  • Questions about AD8512 at a single power supply


    My customer is considering to use AD8512 at a single power supply, so they need to know additional specifications of AD8512.

    Please refer their questions and let me know your answers.

    Q1) Would you let me know the Max. supply voltage of AD8512…

  • AD8512 Half-Wave and Full-Wave Rectifiers

    It was produced in the p16 of the data sheet "Half-Wave and Full-Wave Rectifiers" circuit uses the AD8512 our customers.

    It is the output level of the output signal is different.
    I will attach the output waveform.

    Why level or probably would…

  • 请教测高阻器件电压AD8512

    工程师们,你们好!我想做的是一个测量高阻器件上电压的电路,测量DC电压,器件阻抗大约是在几百兆。第一步做的是跟随,用的是JFET高输入阻抗的AD8512. 电路如图。但是问题是当正向输入端接上这个100M的电阻时,会降低输入阻抗,这个无法接受。不接这个100M电阻的时候,由于没有给正向输入端提供偏置电流,输出值会锁在一个较大的电压值上,这个输出也无法接受。有没有一种办法,可以使不接测试器件时,使输出接近于0,接上测试器件时,输出就是器件的输出?我知道这不是运放的问题,请ADI的工程师们不吝赐教,谢谢…

  • Oscillation and heating on AD8512 used as Sallen Key low pass filter (Gain=1)

    Issue is that AD8512 Opamps in Sallen key low pass filters (having G=1) oscillate with nearly 8V swing and high heating of two AD8512 ICs in two boards.

    This board works on external 24V, and most experiments that have been done & explained below have…

  • RE: Replacing Tl072CP

    Hi, Dave.

    Yes, both AD712 and AD8512 can be used as VCA. You just have to replace the TL072ACP and you're all set.

    You can purchase the units in the Sample and Buy section of the AD712 product page and AD8512 product page. Just click the links and…



             We are using the DAC AD5545  in Bipolar mode 4-Quardant as per the specified figure:22 in the Datasheet.In that we have used an OP-AMP AD8512 instead of datasheet specified OP-AMP .

           We are facing the problem In Analog output Amplitude at Higher…

  • RE: Can AD8221BR, AD8622 improve current design?

    Hi Emman,

    We filtered out the Op Amps which can be a suitable replacement, and selected AD8512 (B grade, dual Op amp part) for the design. In simulation we put AD8512 (single Op amp part) as parameters are same.

    Observations for Icc on both Instr Amp…

  • RE: Noisest Opamp?

    There two AD8512 and one AD8672 in the circuit.  This image is the first amp after the demodulator.

    I need to increase the noise below 100 Hz.