• AD8510输出不正确


  • RE: Can AD8221BR, AD8622 improve current design?

    Hi Emman,

    We filtered out the Op Amps which can be a suitable replacement, and selected AD8512 (B grade, dual Op amp part) for the design. In simulation we put AD8512 (single Op amp part) as parameters are same.

    Observations for Icc on both Instr Amp…

  • RE: 关于仪表运放AD8421输出阻抗如何确定?

    1. 在精度允许的情况下,可以去掉AD8510

    2. 输出阻抗主要有AD8475的输出阻抗提供

  • RE: Can I use the OP Amp AD8510ARMZ on a breadboard?

    Hi, Thank you very much for your replying. In fact, I want use the component of AD8510 to design an time delay circuit. I have choose many different kinds of OP AMPs. But, I just found that this one can give right results as expected.

  • RE: AD7466 VIN drops issue

    Hi Jonathan,

    The recommended buffers in the datasheet are AD8510 and AD8610 but I would like to use AD8512 or AD8620 since these parts are pin-to-pin compatible with LTC2055CMS8.

    Regarding the effect on the digital output, I'm waititng for your comment…

  • RE: AD8627是五脚单运放,使用温度只有80度,有没有温度是125度的



  • RE: AN-1264 - How was the RTO of the AD8421 calculated?

    Hi Trung,

    Let me put it this way. The signal conditioning path if composed of 3 stages, INAMP (AD8421), FILTER (AD8510), and an ADC DRIVER (AD8475). Each stage is configured at different gains, which are 1, 0.5, and 0.4. Also, each amplifier has it's…

  • RE: Please help with part selection...

    Hi Tom,

    You could check out the AD8510. It has a drift spec of 1uV/degC and a low offset at 400uV maximum. It can also output 70mA of current. For a higher bandwidth application, you could try the ADA4898-1. It has a maximum offset of 125uV and a drift…

  • RE: How to determaine the output impedance?

    Hi Ali,

    The best example or reference for your application is the CN0151. See figure 3.


    The first AD8510 is a TIA to convert the current out of AD5443. So if you are in voltage mode, disregard the first OA. The computations are shown and explained…

  • AD8597


    I'm a little bit confuse on the output current capability of this amplifier.

    In my simulation, with +8.5V/-3.5V of power supply, this amplifier can source up to 180mA on 3.6v output and 100mA on 5V output.

    This differes from the datasheet…