• AD8510: setting a positive offset with trim

    We are using an AD8510 as a non-inverting buffer (gain=1), following an IVC102 transimpedance amplifier.  The AD8510 is close-aboard the IVC102.  Further downstream we go to an absolute value converter with a parallel connection to a zero-cross detector…

  • RE: AD8510输出不正确

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  • RE: AD8510 and capacitive loads

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  • 请问如何用AD8510驱动ad7921呢?


  • issue with AD8510 - self-excitation

    Hi! I'm using AD8510 to invert input signal from DAC (G = -1). I have made this circuit on particular small PCB to test it:

    All of elements are SMD's and all of the wires are as short as possible.

    My problem: When I start this circuit and…

  • input overvoltage protection of AD8510



    I have a question to the input protection of the AD8510:

    Does the AD8510 have differential clamp diodes between the input terminal pins In+ and In-?


    I want to use the AD8510 in DAC application in a unity gain buffer configuration behind…

  • RE: Can we limit the current output of current booster circuit using a single resistor?

    Thank you. We would like to build a precision voltage feedback current booster, that would be used alongside with DAC AD5791/AD5781 for driving precision DC coil. Besides AN18f, would you recommend any similar architecture?

    I filter the op-amps with specification…

  • AD8597


    I'm a little bit confuse on the output current capability of this amplifier.

    In my simulation, with +8.5V/-3.5V of power supply, this amplifier can source up to 180mA on 3.6v output and 100mA on 5V output.

    This differes from the datasheet…

  • Performance verification for ad8421


    I'm interested in a similar application like the one in the application note AN-1264 (https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/application-notes/AN-1264.pdf). I would like to know if the PCB designs are available (sale or reference…

  • RE: ADF4169 - poor Phase Noise performance or no LD signal

    Hello Brigid,

    thank you for your help, I'll try the suggested design. In particular, the OP ADA4625 seems to have lower noise and wider GBP than AD8510.

    By the way, I've tried to use AD8065, but the result was not very good too. 

    I have also noticed…