• issue with AD8510 - self-excitation

    Hi! I'm using AD8510 to invert input signal from DAC (G = -1). I have made this circuit on particular small PCB to test it:

    All of elements are SMD's and all of the wires are as short as possible.

    My problem: When I start this circuit and…

  • AD8510 and capacitive loads

    I use the AD8510 in unity gain configuration as DAC buffer. The resistive load at the output is 10kOhm and there is also a capacitive load due to cable capacitance in the range of 1 - 2nF. Which compensation method for the capacitive load would you recommend…

  • AD8510输出不正确


  • input overvoltage protection of AD8510



    I have a question to the input protection of the AD8510:

    Does the AD8510 have differential clamp diodes between the input terminal pins In+ and In-?


    I want to use the AD8510 in DAC application in a unity gain buffer configuration behind…

  • AD8510: setting a positive offset with trim

    We are using an AD8510 as a non-inverting buffer (gain=1), following an IVC102 transimpedance amplifier.  The AD8510 is close-aboard the IVC102.  Further downstream we go to an absolute value converter with a parallel connection to a zero-cross detector…

  • 请问如何用AD8510驱动ad7921呢?


  • RE: Substitute for AD743 and AD546

    AD8510 and ADA4627-1 which one replaces ad743 and ad546?

  • RE: ADA4627-1 and capacitive loads

    Hi Neil,


    thank you for the explanation. Does the input headroom remain constant over the full supply range? The AD8510 datasheet is fully specified for +-5V and +-15V. It seems that the input headroom of the AD8510 increases with increasing supply…

  • RE: ac constant current source

    Hi Anna,

    AD8510 is  low current op-amp.

    Any suggestion on amplifiers for 200mA current source ?

    Thank you

  • RE: AD820 as Single rail full wave rectifier



      The plus and minus inputs on the second AD820 are swapped.  See figure 50

    on the AD8510 datasheet for a correct schematic.