• AD8495 max temperature

    Hi All!

    I wanted to purchase an AD849x model, particularly the AD8495. I am looking for something that can measure up to 1100 C and gives an analog output. Can the AD8495 go up to this temperature with an appropriate type K thermocouple?


  • Re: AD8495 with AD7741

    Hi, may I extend this discussion about AD8495?

    I try to use AD8495 to measure K type TC from 15 to 1100 deg.C.

    The output of AD8495 is about 5.5V at 1100 deg.C.

    I will supply 6V to +Vs pin of AD8495.

    But for isolation consideration, I plan to connect…

  • AD8495 measurement temperature range

    I am using the AD8495 thermocouple amplifier to measure a K-type thermocouple. The inteded temperature measurement range is as high as 800degC, which is outside the specified measurement range on the AD8495 datasheet.

    What is the accuracy of the AD8495…

  • AD8495 behaviour problems



    Recently I have been assembling thermocouple sensors using the AD8495, while sometimes functioning excellently I have been having trouble consequently assembling functional PCBs due to what seems to be a problem with the AD8495 circuit. The…

  • AD8495 干扰问题



    1. 共模测试:PCBA地和机壳地打绝缘没有问题,打250v交流电压就会挂掉(测试方法:250v正压接信号输入端正,250v负压接机壳地);
    2. 串模:通过变压器分过来的交流电压3-4mv就挂掉了,串模耐压要求70-100mv,滤波电路为100Ω,1uF


  • AD8495 not providing expected performance

    Hello, I am trying to utilise the AD8495 to condition the output of a K-type thermocouple.  My circuit is very similar to figure 33 in the datasheet.  I'm using 10k series resistors, 0.1uF caps on the Tc inputs (IN+ and IN-), a 1uF cap between the Tc inputs…

  • AD8495 attached K type thermocouple


    I am using a AD8495 amplifier which is attached to the  K-type thermocouple to amplify the thermocouple output voltage. I supplied 10.0 V to the amplifier by using an external power supply unit. My temperature measuring range is 0 0C to 150 0C. Output…

  • Measuring temperature with the AD8495


    I am using the AD8495 for temperature measuring using K-type thermocouples.

    In principle this IC works really well, the only problem I see is that the measured temperature is 2ºC lower that the real one for several minutes after powering the…

  • Ambient temperature of AD8495

    Hello All,

    I have a question about ambient tempareture of AD8495. According to the datasheet of AD8495, the ambient tenperature rang is 0 deg C to 50 deg C. If we use AD8495 under -40 deg C to 55 deg C, how temp. accuracy can we get?

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  • Driving reference input on AD8495

    Data sheet indicates use of low-impedance source to offset the AD8495 output. Question is how low is low?

    Reference input is specified as having typical 60K input but also 25uA typical input.

    I would like to drive this with a resistive divider of 3900R…