• AD629与AD8495的连接(或推荐一款可提高AD8495抗共模的芯片)




            现在使用的测量方案是“滤波电路 + AD629 + AD8495”,热电偶的正极经过滤波电路接AD629的同相输入端,热电偶的负极经过滤波电路接AD629的反相输入端,AD629的输出接AD8495的同相输入端,AD8495的反向输入端接地。

            结果对室温的测量,AD8495的输出为高频杂波,还不如用“滤波电路 + AD8495”的方案。

  • AD8495 & Multiplexer?

    Hello, is there a way to use a multiplexer IC to allow one AD8495 to "condition" multiple thermocouples?  My project requires multiple temperature measurements but I'd like to only have one AD8495 on my circuit board.  Any suggestions?  Thanks…

  • AD8495 + Arduino

    hi ,

    I'm trying to measure temperature with a thermocouple (k-type) and Analog Devices AD8495 thermocouple amplifier ... actually it worked but i wanted to know if it is possible to reduce the sensing Accuracy Range ? ( through the programming code…

  • AD8495

    Hi all,

    I have a board desegned to measure temperature with a K-Type thermocouple.

    In orther to measure temperature with a T Type thermocouple can i use the the AD8495 IC?

    In the AD595 datasheet that seems a previous version of the chip, we can use…

  • AD8495: thermocouple interference

    My data acquisition system has 16 K-thermocouple channels.  For each channel, I
    intend to use separate AD8495.  The thermocouple tips will NOT be insulated and
    can touch the metal body of the vehicle.  My question : If two or more
  • AD8495 sampling frequency

    The spec sheet for the AD8495 do not detail the internal sampling frequency. I am looking to use this chip to measure temperature in the order of kHz. What is the internal sampling rate? Can I use this to measure temperature at high speeds?

  • AD8495

    Do you have any long term drift data associated with this part. Can I assume that the MAX values given in the Specifications Table 2 are the max values including any long term drift over the life time of the device. Also is there any information on how…

  • AD8495 "Bouncing"

    Hello, hopefully someone can help me out.  I have a new design to read a temperature from a Type K thermocouple.  My design uses an AD8495 implemented per the data sheet with the output read by a Microchip PIC uC.  The issue I am running into is the output…

  • AD8495/97

    hii i want to use the AD8495/97 with an K type thermocouple to measure Cryogenics temperature 

    is there any application note t hat i can see a circuit design for Cryogenics  applications? 

    thanks .