• Part number is AD8494

    did you get the notification?

  • RE: Looking for Thermocouple Amplifier with signal filter

    Hello Sir, 

    Thanks for the response. I have gone through the interface selection table and I think that AD8494 J-type thermocouple amplifier would be useful for my work. I wanted to check if this amplifier can handle the high sampling frequency rate like…

  • RE: AD8494ARMZ and AD8494CRMZ

    Hi isilvki,

    A and C are grades of the AD8494. The C grade is generally tested with tighter specifications compared to the A grade. In the case of the AD8494, if you look at the specification table on page 3, the C grade has better overall temperature…

  • ADI公司解决方案通报—放大器IC


    • 差分放大器采用单电源驱动1.8 V ADC
    • 电流检测放大器实现最大1μV/°C的失调漂移性能
    • 经过测试的电路设计
    • 热电偶放大器简化设计
    • 放大器IC选型指南
    • ADC驱动器提供快速压摆率
    • 同类最佳的电压反馈型放大器
    • 输出驱动器增强灵活性和性能
    • 差分放大器驱动184 MSPS SAR ADC,接受±10 V输入
    • 高分辨率、零漂移电流检测放大器
    • 适用于高精度设计的微功耗基准电压源
    • 精密放大器针对低功耗、宽电源电压范围应用而优化

  • AD594 wiring

    Can I wire a single J-type ungrounded TC to a pair of AD594 units - in parallel?  I would like to connect to unit 1 normally, but to the 2nd unit wired in reverse.  My purpose is to have a reverse polarity detector, where unit 2 would drive an LED whenever…

  • RE: AD623 Thermocouple Amp

    Hi Brett,

    What's happening is that the output is saturated. You need to drive the REF pin to some voltage inside the operating range of the output. By the way, in case you missed it, we do have a family of In Amps for thermocouple applications (which…

  • RE: 我想问一下有没有针对s型热电偶丝的冷端补偿芯片


  • RE: ic with on chip cold junction compensation and amplification

    Hello Divya,

    ADI thermocouple amplifiers such as AD8494 and AD8495 are designed for J and K-type thermocouples, which were chosen for their sensitivity, availability, and relatively wide linear temperature range. Some legacy parts such as the AD595 can…

  • RE: 工程师百问百答——低电平信号采集传感器


  • RE: ADI设计峰会讲义分享——低电平信号采集传感器