• AD8488 Reference Schematic

    Kindly share reference schematic for AD8488.

  • AD8488 timing question

    I have one question about the timing of AD8488.

    Unless I am mistaken, I did not find anywhere inside the datasheet the value of t1, t2, t3, t4, t5, t6 that are mentioned on the Figure 18 (see the picture below).

    Could you please give me the value of…

  • AD8488 applications questions

    We are currently developing a wafer test solution and we are planning to use the AD8488 to benefit from his 128 channels to do high parallelism testing. We also plan to use the ADC AD9244 as advised in the AD8488 datasheet. The challenge for us is that…

  • AD8488 AVDD Capacitor


    My customers are considering using AD8488.
    So I got a question.

    There are 19 AVDDs, but do we need to attach input capacitors to everything?
    They would like to reduce the number of capacitors as much as possible.

    Best regards,


  • AD8488

    I want to use ADA8488 to convert charge into voltage,can you offer me reference circuit?

  • AD8488 IBIS Model


    Could you give me AD8488's IBIS model ?



  • AD8488 charge amplifier

    Hello professor, now I am doing piezoelectric film sensor and going  to use AD8488 this chip to make the  charge signal which is from the film amplified.When the piezoelectric film is impacted, the resulting charge signal is 0-300pc and I need to adjust…

  • AD8488 NC pin


    Which is better NC pins of AD8488  are connected to DGND or AGND?

    I have a quesion,why is it need  NC pins are connected to GND?

  • About AD8488 Vref Voltage

    I have a question

    Is the Vref voltage of AD8488  variable?

    If It can,please let me know the variable range.

  • AD8488 about control signal

    We move AD8488.

    But We can't acquire right data.
    I have a quesion

    Are there need the dummy contorol signal befor the 1st Line,

    Or We need to control  IRST,GRST..etc signal's status must be "H" or "L" in blanking periods .