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  • AD8479

    The AD8479 is rated up to 600 V common mode input voltage. I am concerned about the small distance between pin 1and 2 or 3 and 4. This distance is well below 1mm. But for PCB design it is said that even only  500 V need 100 mil = 2.54 mm.  How can this…

  • AD8479 Distorted Output


    We are using AD8479 as shown in attached Fig. 1.
    As a result, the output is distorted as attached Fig.2.
    The phenomenon level is increased relative to the common mode voltage level.
    And it is unchanged adding Rcomp as shown in the datasheet.
    Can we use…

  • AD8479 question

    We design a circuit that AD8479 sense the 400~600V bus for OCP protestion.

    when VCC+/- = 0V , The bus = 300V , Does any risk here ?

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  • AD8479 CMMR Graph

    In the AD8479 Datasheet Rev B, I find figure 20 on page 9 showing CMMR vs. Temperature. 2 very different lines are shown, one blue and one red. There is no explanation for the different colors. What does that mean? Also in other Revisions (0 and A), where…

  • Recommendable layout for AD8479


    Could I have a recommendable layout, contamination level and board material for AD8479 ?

    AD8479 has +/-600V common-mode voltage range.

    But pin to pin distance is about 0.75mm , I think (1.27 - 0.51=0.76)

    It is too small for 600V, I think.


  • AD8479 CMRR measurement

    I had a lot of 50 devices AD8479B . I subjected the Batch to CMRR measurements at 600 V. Most of the devices were not meeting the spec of 90 dB and wide variation was seen in the values measured across the batch. I am applying a common mode voltage of…

  • AD8479 Noise Density SImulation


    i'm trying to reproduce the results from the datasheet for the AD8479 spice model using LTSpice.  I've put together a very simple test bench to examine the noise performance and looking to integrate the noise for RMS noise to match the datasheet…

  • AD8479 Supply voltage question

    I want to design a circuit to measure a very low voltage at a high current (Vmax = 250V DC). For this i want to choose the AD8479 because it has high input resistors which minimize the current loss through the device to GND.

    In the Datasheet, Figure…