• AD8479 output have ripple wave?

    The circuit is like this:

    The  Rshunt of AD8479 is 100K,when I don't apply direct voltage to the resistor,supply electricity to AD8479, decoupled AD8479 well with two 0.1uF capicators,

    the output signal is like this:

    and when I apply direct voltage…

  • What is the ESD rating of AD8479?


    A similar product from your competitor can be easily damaged by ESD, simply by touching the inputs.

    How about AD8479?

  • RE: Search for a Differential Line Receiver

    Hi Jino,

           I have consulted almost all agents of Analog Devices for AD8479 BRZ, but all of them don't have the product in stock. And I can receive AD8479 BRZ only after 22 September, 2018. It is too late.
          So do you know there are other replacements…

  • Recommendable layout for AD8479


    Could I have a recommendable layout, contamination level and board material for AD8479 ?

    AD8479 has +/-600V common-mode voltage range.

    But pin to pin distance is about 0.75mm , I think (1.27 - 0.51=0.76)

    It is too small for 600V, I think.


  • AD8479 question

    We design a circuit that AD8479 sense the 400~600V bus for OCP protestion.

    when VCC+/- = 0V , The bus = 300V , Does any risk here ?

  • RE: AD8479 as a shunt voltage amplifier in a large DC Motor


    AD8479 fist your application given that you need 550V common mode voltage. But first you need to make sure that proper supply is implemented. The single supply operation of AD8479 affects the common mode range. Please kindly refer to Single Supply…

  • What's internal resistor value of the AD8479?

    Dear Sir,

    What's internal resistor value(R1 & R2 & R3) of the AD8479?

    We want to know the internal resistor value of the AD8479.

    Because need to calculate the Vx and Vy. 

    This design is single supply so need your support.


  • RE: AD8479的使用


  • RE: Common Voltages greater than 600V with AD8479?

    Hi Mark,

    This configuration is not good for the AD8479. Large value of resistor in series with the input of the AD8479 will have a large impact to the precision of the part. If you are measuring such very high voltages, you should be looking for an isolated…