• mCAD or eCAD files for the AD8476-EVALZ

    I'm not able to located any mechanical drawings/solid models for the AD8476-EVALZ. I'm looking for 3D CAD files associated with this evaluation board (.stp or .igs formats)

    Otherwise, eCAD file types such as .brd, .alg. or .dxf (board outline)…

  • Drop in replacement for AD8476 - suggestions

    I am looking for suitable replacements for this PN - both AD PNs and others.... suggestions? 

  • Single pole signal acquisition with differential ADC: AD7768 & AD8476

    Hi there,

    We're hoping to acquire a 0 - 10 V signal using the evaluation boards for the AD7768 & AD8476.  Please see the attached schematic.  I'm interested in answering the questions under the `Remaining' heading in the notes section of the schematic…

  • About using AD8476 ADC Driver with AD7779 ADC

    Hello Technical Support Team ;


    I want use AD8476 ADC Driver with AD7779 ADC for precision solutions

    My plan is to convert single-ended input to Differential input.

    That design should be precision.Designing Microohm Meter Test Device.


    Input values is…

  • AD8476 Output Common Mode Voltage to Ground

    If using bipolar supplies, and wish to have the output common output voltage set to 0 Volts, is it recommended to connect the VOCM pin directly to ground?  Would this be an advantage compared to floating the VOCM pin and letting the common mode voltage…

  • Using the AD8476 as a differential attenuator/driver

    Is its possible to use the AD8476 as an attenuator (G = 0.500)? I need to drive a delta-sigma ADC but the range of the ADC is too small so I want to attenuate the input so the full range of my sensor is covered.

  • AD8476 - Guarantee for linear operating range for a given input

    There are a lot of equations for input range on the data sheet.
    Is there a simple way to guarantee that my AD8476 will be in its linear
    operating range for a given input?


    There are three separate limits to the linear range of the AD8476…
  • AD8476和AD7779输入信号的问题



    (1)AD7779是否2.5 V的参考信号是上电就有的呀,还是需要设置寄存器?

    (2) 先将U101的VCOM接0V,然后接传入传感器,传感器的共模信号为5V左右。当传感器的差分信号为10~21mv变化时,分别对AD8476的+out与-out端用万用表的毫伏档测量发现,信号变化时不管是+out还是-out基本没有变化大概在23mv左右…

  • Can AD8476 be used to drive ad7176-2(24-bit ,250ksps) adc?

    I want to use AD8476 as a single ended to differential convereter. Converted differential signal will be read by using ad7176-2 which is 24 bit adc.AD8476 datasheet says that it is suited for driving 18-bit converters up to 4 MSPS. Can I use it to drive…

  • 您好 我使用的是贵公司的AD8476芯片



    (1)AD7779是否2.5 V的参考信号是上电就有的呀,还是需要设置寄存器?

    (2) 先将U101的VCOM接0V,然后接传入传感器,传感器的共模信号为5V左右。当传感器的差分信号为10~21mv变化时,分别对AD8476的+out与-out端用万用表的毫伏档测量发现,信号变化时不管是+out还是-out基本没有变化大概在23mv左右…