• AD8476 - Stand-out performance specification

    What are considered to be the stand-out performance specifications of the


    The AD8476 is extremely low power for an amplifier with its driving
    capabilities. Furthermore, few fully-differential amplifiers have integrated
  • RE: AD8476 Output voltage connection to LTC1968; is that possible?

    I will make sure that the signal input is less than 2Vpeak to peak (1Vpeak). Thank you for responding.

  • Enable Disable pin for AD8476

    I'm looking for a single ended to differential amplifier and found the AD8476
    which suits my needs. the only problem though seems to be that i need to
    tristate/disable the amplifier when not in use ( without turning off the power
    supplies). this…

  • CN0271 : +2.5V -connection at AD8476

    Hi there,

    I'm creating a system to measure temperatures. It's based on the CN0271 except the ADC. I've chosen a faster one. I'm wondering why the negative input of the AD8476 is tied to +2.5 V. Is this done to be able to measure negative temperatures…

  • Drive AD7903 with AD8476


    I want to drive the ADC AD7903 with the ADC Driver AD8476 at a throughput of 1MSPS. Is it a good choise, to take the AD8476, because in the datasheet I found: "Suitable for driving 16-bit converter up to 250 kSPS".

    Best regards


  • AD8476 - Single-ended to differential conversion

    I am using AD8476 for single-ended to differential conversion and my sensor
    output resistance is causing gain error and common-mode rejection error.
    Is there anything I can do to add high input impedance to my single-ended to
  • AD8476 - Driving signals across a cable

    I want to drive a cable differentially. Can I use AD8476 for driving signals
    across a cable?


    Yes, but there are some limitations.
    Cables present complex impedance loading at the output of  the amplifier. In
    order to drive a cable…
  • AD8476 Output Changes when Connected to ADC

    I am using the AD8476 with an ADS1247 ADC. I am supplying each with 3.3V, but they are independent (both supply and circuit ground). I am using the mid-supply voltage for VOCM on the AD8476. When I input a single-ended DC voltage (0.2 - 2.0 V) into the…

  • Compare spec between ADA4940 and AD8476

    Hi there,

    I'm selecting ADC drivers for delta-sigma ADC.

    I want to convert single signal to differential signal with Gain=1.

    I 've just checked AD8476 and ADA4940.

    But I just wondered which one has better peformance of Noise and THD.


  • Single-ended source impedance at input of AD8476


    I'm considering using the AD8476 for converting a bipolar +/-9V single-ended signal from a Rs=50Ohm source into fully-differential signal going into a second variable gain differential amplifier, and then into a long twisted-pair cable, and finally…