• AD8476 - RC filter after the AD8476

    I would like to place an RC filter after the AD8476, but I am using a different
    ADC than the one shown in the data sheet.
    Can you give me a cookbook approach for what filter components to use?


    For a typical SAR ADC, the RC filter cutoff…
  • AD8476 - Driving ADCs

    The AD8476 data sheet only mentions driving 16 bit converters.
    Is the AD8476 good for driving only 16-bit ADCs or can it also drive other ADCs
    such as 18 bits or 14 bits?


    Yes the AD8476 can also drive other ADCs.
    The AD8476 is designed to drive…

  • AD8476 - Harmonic distortion

    I chose AD8476 so that I could use the rail-to-rail output.
    So why does the harmonic distortion increase when it gets close to the rails?


    As with any amplifier, when the output swings near the rails, the output
    transistors approach…
  • AD8476 - Reducing the gain

    Can I reduce the gain of the AD8476 by placing equal resistors in series with
    the inputs?


    It is not recommended.
    The RF/RG ratio on the positive and negative side are trimmed to be very close
    to 1, causing gain and common-mode rejection…
  • AD8476 LTspice XVII model

    I'd like to simulate AD8476 using LTsice XVII, but can't use existing .cir file of its micro-model.

    Is it possible to convert the existing file in LTsice XVII model?

  • AD8476 Overvoltage Output

    In the datasheet there is mention of ESD clamps on the inputs, but are there clamps on the outputs as well? If so what current can they tolerate? This is of importance when the output voltage exceed the rails. We need to analyse the failure mode when…

  • AD8476 output protection


    I want to use AD8476 to convert single ended signal to a fully differential signal.

    This signal will be the output of my sensor.

    Do you know if the output of this amplifier can withstand electrical stress like pin injection or others voltage…

  • RE: General performance of AD8476


    Generally, the data sheet provides features of the product and describe the product under general description.
    One of the edge I am seeing for AD8476 is the robust input overvoltage design that can operate even inputs are 18V beyond your supply rail…

  • AD8476 - Stand-out performance specification

    What are considered to be the stand-out performance specifications of the


    The AD8476 is extremely low power for an amplifier with its driving
    capabilities. Furthermore, few fully-differential amplifiers have integrated