• RE: AD9629 Read

    Hi Doug,

    I am trying to read AD9629 and i want to ask some questions. 

    This is my circuit. Analog input range(Pin-9) of AD8475 is 0 to 4.2V. ADC inputs become 0.46V and 1.34V when AD8475 input is 0.29. And digital output of the ADC is 8D5. This value is…

  • RE: LTC6810-1

    For the funnel amplifier part, scratch the AD8475; I meant the LT1997-2.

  • RE: AFE for AD7768-4

     I know it's old, but it might be of help to others reading.

    Take a look at the AD8475.  From the datasheet:

    The AD8475 is a fully differential, attenuating amplifier with integrated precision gain resistors. It provides precision attenuation (by 0…

  • 有关AD8251芯片的压摆率和放大倍数的问题




  • AD8250 Reference Drive

    Hi All,

    I am planning to use AD8250 as a part of ADC front end along with the AD8421 and AD8475. I get what i expected from AD8421 and AD8475 but not from AD8250 so far. I use the exact differential output scheme in AD8250s datasheet (page 20). Both…

  • RE: Diffrential ADC Driver

    Hi, Vanaja.

    The recommended ADC driver for AD7175-2 is the ADA4522-2 high voltage, ultra low noise, zero drift, rail to rail output amplifier. It has peak to peak noise of 117nV and can accept a supply voltage up to +/-25V. May I know what input range are…

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)


  • RE: How to design an ADC driver for sensing +- 10V bipolar signals and drive AD7380?

    Hi byliu

    Consider using a funnel amp like the AD8475 or the INA159 from TI.



  • RE: ADA4932-1/2 use as Funnel Amplifier.

    Hello jpearson,mle,

    Thank you for the detailed explanation.
    AD8475 will also check.

    Thank you,again.