• Using AD7794 with FDA AD8475 in the front end.

    Good day.

    Is it practicable to use fully differential amplifier like AD8475 to drive ADC AD7794 (instead of AD7192) if only ADC input range is within VREF? Considering 5V supply to ADC, VREF 2.5V and attenuation on FDA 0.4 with CM=VREF would expect bipolar…

  • AD8475 using IN 0.8x for aditional low pass filter?


    I thought of using AD8475 as driver for 20 Bits 10KSPS...100KSPS SAR-ADC.

    The signal frequency will be about 300Hz rectangle (chopped) and +/-10V peak.

    I want to measure the DC-level with maximum possible accuracy.


    Is this funnel-amp best…

  • AD8475  EPAD has to be solderd to GND or V- ?

    Hi all,

    Can anyone confirm if Exposed Pad on AD8475 in LFCSP has to be connected to GND or V-  when using +/-5V split power supply?

    Datasheet in table 4, page6 tells it has to be connected to GND.   But it looks very suspicious. Normally PAD is connected…

  • Can AD8475 configured to a gain other than 0.4 & 0.8 using external resistors


    I am working on multi-channel DAS. I am using AD7982 in the signal line. The dynamic range of this ADC is 5V p-p differential with a reference of +5V. The receiving signal dynamic range is 20V p-p. In a application circuit given in the datasheet…

  • AD8475的spice模型有问题,无法导入TINA-TI中进行仿真计算



  • 我心中的ADI年度“贺岁片”——带衰减的单端转差分信号调理芯片AD8475




  • It's all about settling time


    My idea is having forward settling time less than ADC conversion time.

    AD7982 conversion time is 710ns;

    To get 18 bit accuracy, ADG1204 transition time plus settling time < 400ns, AD8475 specified the 16 bit settling time 50ns, I guess the…

  • 32-bit Diff amp

    I need an diff.amp for the 32-bit ADC.

    Does anyone know any good diff.amp for that unit?

    I am looking at AD8475, is this one a good one?

  • RE: Converting from single-ended signal to differential

    Many industrial systems use single-ended; however, the signals are frequently processed by high performance differential input ADCs for higher precision. The AD8475 performs the critical function of precisely converting single-ended signals to the differential…

  • RE: Looking for a proper OPA for driving a symmetrical cable

    Hi Coleman,

    thank you very much for your advice. I already found the AD9490 to look quite suitable, which is quite similar to the AD8475. What made me curious was that they are both from the ADC Driver series. Since I want to drive about 2 -3 meters…