• Modeling AD8475

    Hi, engineers.

    I have one problem. When I simulated schematics with AD8475, on out i get voltage 2.5kV. I think spice-model AD8475 aren't correct. Are you can check this spice-model?

  • AD8475 CMRR


    Correct me if I’m wrong. I want to estimate an error on AD8475B output caused by its finite CMRR. Let’s assume that AD8475 is powered from 5V supply (-VS=GND, +VS=5V) and is connected to an ideal voltage source in SE configuration and a gain…

  • AD8475放大器

         AD8475全差分放大器,在ADI公司网站上下载的SOICE 模型 在TINA-TI 仿真器上无法创建宏,报“缺失语法元素.行:54# R17 +IN0.8X +IN0.4X 12.5E3",是操作错误还是SPICE模型本身有错误,因有项目需要仿真,请教有什么解决方法?    谢谢
  • AD8475发热严重。


  • AD8475 SPICE Macro-model error


    I'm trying to use the AD8475 SPICE Macro-model (Attached *.CIR file)but right after I'm selecting the pin out I keep getting the following error (other Macro-mode are working fine).  

    What should I do to solve this problem?

  • AD7176-2 reference and AD8475  gain


    I my application I need at least 22 bits to measured 1.5V to 4V input voltage, with Output common mode voltage of ~2.55V that source from Fully-Differential Isolation Amplifier (current shunt). This amplifier is located on one custom card (card 1…

  • AD8475 introduces too much noise, any suggestions?

    I'm driving an LTC2440 24 bit sigma delta ADC with an AD8475 funnel amplifier. If I short the ADC inputs together I measure about 7 counts RMS noise, which is about 2uV RMS. This matches my expectation and the figures quoted on the ADC datasheet for a…

  • Several Issues about AD8251+AD8475+AD7982


    I use your company's typical circuit AD8251+AD8475+AD7982 applied to multi-channel acquisition.

    1.The test attachment figure. when the AD8251 input +5V, gain1, AD8475 input +5V, the AD8475 gain is connected to the IN0.4X pin, the AD7982 output…

  • Where should the -Vs pin of AD8475 be connected to?

    Hi, in the datasheet of AD8475, it says that the voltage supply can be +-5V and +VS can be connected to 5V while -Vs can be connected to -5V or AGND. However, during simulation, it reports an error of singular matrix when connect -VS to -5V. Moreover…

  • Using AD7794 with FDA AD8475 in the front end.

    Good day.

    Is it practicable to use fully differential amplifier like AD8475 to drive ADC AD7794 (instead of AD7192) if only ADC input range is within VREF? Considering 5V supply to ADC, VREF 2.5V and attenuation on FDA 0.4 with CM=VREF would expect bipolar…