• RE: Fast Peak Detection Ciruit using AD823

    Also, is there any surfacemount opamp, that can be used as a direct replacement for AD843 and AD847?

  • Any Single supply highspeed opamp 5V or comparator to replace AD847AR?


    I was using AD847 as comparator with single supply, which doesn't work well with 0V-5V (minimum specified supply range for AD847 is -4.5V to +4.5V). Obviously it was a mistake to operate it in that range. AD847 works as comparator for me but not…

  • RE: (Current sense)Common level = 160max

    Hi Phil

    Thank you.

    I already promoted AD847.

    Best regards


  • RE: Performance issues of AD843 & 847 at -30deg temp

    Hello Rajesh, 

    What inputs are you working with? Could you provide scope shots at the outputs of the AD843 and AD847 when the error is happening?



  • RE: Question about AD847JCHIPS

    Hi Kazu,

    You can find the size in mm of the AD847 chip on page 4 of the datasheet, the metalization photograph.

    It is 1.70mm by 1.37mm.

    May I ask why you needed the dimension?


  • RE: 这11大应用领域,你在里面么?


  • RE: Equivalent components for space application

    Hi Sadok,

    I checked the AD847-713Q status from marketing and I'm sorry to say that this part is already obsolete. While the AD847-703Q is radiation-tested, I do not think I can guarantee you the rad-hard specification that you need.

    The next best…

  • RE: ADI运算放大器资料大合集(持续更新中ing)



    本教程旨在考察标定运算放大器的增益和带宽的常用方法。需要指出的是,本讨论适用于电压反馈(VFB)型运算放大器——电流反馈(CFB)型运算放大器将在以后的教程(MT-034)中  讨论。

  • 资源转发---电压反馈型运算放大器的增益和带宽


  • Queries about AD8099

    Dear Supporter,

    I have a query about AD8099. I use AD8099 in my product. The package is SOIC-8.

    The power supply is +/-5V. The gain is set as -10.

    Input signal is square wave with the frequency of 2MHz.

    After increasing the input amplitude, the output…