• (AD8465)Do you have spice model for AD8465?

    Hi !

    Do you have spice model for AD8465?

    If you don't, do you have any plan to make it?

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  • Error on AD8465 Datasheet?


    I am trying to validate a particular parametric measurement for the AD8465 comparator.  I have verified IV characteristics for the latch enable (LE) pin below at 2.5V Vcc:

    Our IV curve matches the typical performance characteristics for this…

  • Output signal with AD8465 is not LVDS

    I observe the output of the AD8465 signal range from 0 to 2.5V. This is more than written in the datasheet for LVDS output.

    What is the reason for such a large signal?

    Power supply + 5V

  • RE: Regard to the design of ADCMP605

    Hello Tak,

    I can address the 3rd part of your question. I have already contacted the ADCMP605 applications engineer to request the evaluation board layout files.

    In terms of the difference between AD8465 and ADCMP605:

    AD8465 is manufactured and tested…

  • RE: converting high speed 5V clock to -5V

    Hi Joven,

    Actually I want to drive a high speed GaAs RF switch (HMC347ALP3E). The proposed driver in the datasheet is quite low speed, so I'm looking for another solution.

    The AD8465 is quite fast. Is it possible to generate -5 and 0 levels from…

  • RE: Conversion of Sine wave at 10MHz into square wave

    Thank you Harry and AnalogXPRT for your informative replies.

    I have gone through datasheets of both parts AD8465 and ADCMP608. My doubt is still same, Are these parts able to give mentioned output at 10MHz?

    In the datasheet of ADCMP608 in the section…