• What is the lowest dis-charge voltage of AD8452?

    Hi ADI,

    I was used AD620 for battery tester, so I looking for new part for new project.

    What is the lowest dis-charge voltage of AD8452?

    Do you have comparison table between AD620 and AD8452?

  • RE: AD8452 max duty

    Hello Hiroyuki,

    The max duty cycle is available for both charge and discharge modes.  The minimum on time in either mode is determined by 100% - DMAX then shortening it further by 2*DT, where DT is the dead time (see Fig 46 in data sheet).  DT is programmed…

  • AD8452 rising/falling time

    Hi ADI's

    What is the rising / falling time of the ad8452 PWM signal?

    And what is the maximum rising / falling time if variable is possible?

    I am looking at the datasheet and can not find the item.

    Thank you

  • Comment on Enabling Flexible Multi-channel Battery Formation and Test

    Please send info on the reference design using the AD8452 4-Channel System Board.

  • AD8452 Demo Board Discharge mode is not working?

    1. Change the part of Aux power supply from AD8452 demo Board schematic.

    2.[???] Set the demo software ,config  the half-bridge as boost mode(Discharge mode);

    the gate of mosfet cannot detect PWM wave(Charge mode,wave can be detected & AD8452 MODE pin…

  • AD8452 System Demo noard


    I found AD7452 System Demo board in ADI WEB site. It was described in UG-1181. But I can't find the Model name of it in ADI WEB site. Could you please advise me the model name of it? Our customer would like to order the board.

    Best regards…

  • RE: AD8452评估板使用问题求助?

    vin+电压是多大?  TP2端电压是多少? 这里电压会给AD8452供电.

  • Enabling Flexible Multi-channel Battery Formation and Test

    Lithium-Ion batteries are produced in a variety of form factors and capacities and are used to provide power in a range of applications from cell phones, laptop computers, electric vehicles, to energy storage. The cells used in these applications can…

  • RE: ADI芯情2017大回顾,有奖认领属于你的“好芯事”




    新款 AD8452 能够在相同空间内多提供50%的通道,从而扩充容量并提高电池产量。 AD8452 所采用的开关技术可在放电时回收电池的能量,精度高达传统开关解决方案的10倍。此外,该器件还兼具更为出色的检测和监控功能,能够有效防止可能导致电池故障的过度充电和充电不足行为。