• AD8452 VCL function

    Hi Team

      Can I connect VCL to ISV resistance instead of RCL ?  Can this  circuit work ? thanks 

  • ad8452 charge

    Dear Experts,

    We are simulating the Discharge path with bidirectional supply. where DC bus is connected to mosfet drain.

    however when running a discharge mode , MOSFET is not switching and lower FET is on all the time.

    we have checked all the setting…

  • AD8452

    按照ADI的demo资料 LAYOUT板子  有PWM输出  但是无法控制PWM占空比,感觉资料比较少。

  • RE: AD8452 CLFLG

        I am Shao lei colleague, I test his circuit board that I found something strange.I set up 2A  constant   current to test two channel, the current-limiting resistance of CH3 is 3kΩ and the current-limiting resistance of CH4 is 15kΩ. I find…

  • Can I use the AD8452 chip to achieve CC and CV control separately?

    Can I use the AD8452 chip to achieve CC and CV control separately? Still only able to achieve CC-CV control?

  • AD8452 rising/falling time

    Hi ADI's

    What is the rising / falling time of the ad8452 PWM signal?

    And what is the maximum rising / falling time if variable is possible?

    I am looking at the datasheet and can not find the item.

    Thank you

  • AD8452 max duty


    In AD8542's D/S, DMAX is 97%. Would it be available both charge mode and discharge mode ? We consider DC in as +48V and DC out as +1.5V for battery. In this case the maximum duty would be 96.8% at discharge mode. How much is minimum on time at charge…

  • What is the lowest dis-charge voltage of AD8452?

    Hi ADI,

    I was used AD620 for battery tester, so I looking for new part for new project.

    What is the lowest dis-charge voltage of AD8452?

    Do you have comparison table between AD620 and AD8452?

  • AD8452 Demo Board Discharge mode is not working?

    1. Change the part of Aux power supply from AD8452 demo Board schematic.

    2.[???] Set the demo software ,config  the half-bridge as boost mode(Discharge mode);

    the gate of mosfet cannot detect PWM wave(Charge mode,wave can be detected & AD8452 MODE pin…

  • AD8452评估板使用问题求助?



    升压;切换Discharge or Charge,Mode脚逻辑电平正常,且Discharge模式时,电流监视器的


    2. 官方的Demo板是否无法对Discharge模式下的输出电压进行闭环?

    补充:Charge模式工作正常,以下是Charge 模式下的半桥驱动的波形(请忽略电压幅值)