• RE: AD8452 VCL function

    Hi Aggil,

    I got information from product owner that it could be possible to use one sense resistor for both CL and ISV pins, but that performance may likely be degraded. We would not be able to offer much in the way of support for a single sense resistor…

  • AD8452

    按照ADI的demo资料 LAYOUT板子  有PWM输出  但是无法控制PWM占空比,感觉资料比较少。

  • AD8452 CLFLG


    I tried to test the output voltage of CLFLG pin. After recording the data, I found that the voltage of CLFLG pin reference DGND is not as described in datasheet, only 0 or 5V. When CC mode is set and the current is 1.5A, 4.8V is measured. Then with…

  • AD8452 max duty


    In AD8542's D/S, DMAX is 97%. Would it be available both charge mode and discharge mode ? We consider DC in as +48V and DC out as +1.5V for battery. In this case the maximum duty would be 96.8% at discharge mode. How much is minimum on time at charge…

  • AD8452 rising/falling time

    Hi ADI's

    What is the rising / falling time of the ad8452 PWM signal?

    And what is the maximum rising / falling time if variable is possible?

    I am looking at the datasheet and can not find the item.

    Thank you

  • AD8452 System Demo noard


    I found AD7452 System Demo board in ADI WEB site. It was described in UG-1181. But I can't find the Model name of it in ADI WEB site. Could you please advise me the model name of it? Our customer would like to order the board.

    Best regards…

  • AD8452 Demo Board Discharge mode is not working?

    1. Change the part of Aux power supply from AD8452 demo Board schematic.

    2.[???] Set the demo software ,config  the half-bridge as boost mode(Discharge mode);

    the gate of mosfet cannot detect PWM wave(Charge mode,wave can be detected & AD8452 MODE pin…

  • What is the lowest dis-charge voltage of AD8452?

    Hi ADI,

    I was used AD620 for battery tester, so I looking for new part for new project.

    What is the lowest dis-charge voltage of AD8452?

    Do you have comparison table between AD620 and AD8452?

  • AD8452评估板使用问题求助?



    升压;切换Discharge or Charge,Mode脚逻辑电平正常,且Discharge模式时,电流监视器的


    2. 官方的Demo板是否无法对Discharge模式下的输出电压进行闭环?

    补充:Charge模式工作正常,以下是Charge 模式下的半桥驱动的波形(请忽略电压幅值)

  • What parameter are included in AD8452 precision in Datasheet?

    Hi ,

    In AD8452,  a article say

    • Industry leading precise measurement of current and voltage better than 0.02% over 10⁰C temperature change

    Analog Devices’ Integrated Precision Solution Enables Safer and Up to 50% More Efficient Battery Manufacturing…