• AD8450

    Using AD8450, when the PGIA is tested and set to 0 drift or 20mv, why is the output of PGIA always negative

  • AD8450

    How does the output of VCTRL relate to the CC and CV set?

  • AD8450 compensation

    Why AD8450 compensation design tools, when using the software does not reflect?

  • RE: AD8450 and AD1972

    I have the same problem.
    Is there a sample circuit for the cs pin?

  • AD8450 with 42V battery


    I am looking forward to using the AD8450 with batteries up to 42V. The Bus voltage would be 48V. Within specs from what I understand.

    The 42V with the lowest PGDA gain (0.2) will lead to a worst case loop error of 8.4V, which is over the control…

  • AD8450 compensation design tool

    How to use the AD8450 compensation design tool?

  • Code example for AD8450 (+ADUC7061)

    Hello all,

    I am software embedded engineer and I am looking for the software drivers for the AD8452.

    Is there already written “Hello World” for this AFE? I suppose, that I need to use an AD8452 and µC ADUC7061. Maybe ADUC7061 and the evaluation boards…

  • AD8450补偿器设计工具


  • AD8450补偿器设计工具


  • 锂电池充放电AD8450+ADP1972