• AD8450

    Using AD8450, when the PGIA is tested and set to 0 drift or 20mv, why is the output of PGIA always negative

  • AD8450

    How does the output of VCTRL relate to the CC and CV set?

  • AD8450 compensation

    Why AD8450 compensation design tools, when using the software does not reflect?

  • Code example for AD8450 (+ADUC7061)

    Hello all,

    I am software embedded engineer and I am looking for the software drivers for the AD8452.

    Is there already written “Hello World” for this AFE? I suppose, that I need to use an AD8452 and µC ADUC7061. Maybe ADUC7061 and the evaluation boards…

  • AD8450 with 42V battery


    I am looking forward to using the AD8450 with batteries up to 42V. The Bus voltage would be 48V. Within specs from what I understand.

    The 42V with the lowest PGDA gain (0.2) will lead to a worst case loop error of 8.4V, which is over the control…

  • AD8450 and AD1972

    HI all,

    I want to design BMS by using AD8450 and AD1972, 64 pcs of batteries connect to same input source, and battery charge independently,

    AD1972 have energy recycle feature, so the energy on battery can discharge back to input bus. can 64 pcs battery…

  • AD8450 compensation design tool

    How to use the AD8450 compensation design tool?

  • AD8450补偿器设计工具


  • AD8450补偿器设计工具


  • 锂电池充放电AD8450+ADP1972