• AD844

    I want to purchase AD 844 current feed back operational amplifier, I have done simulation of a circuit which involves AD 844. Now  I want to design that circuit but I am not sure How to feed current as an input in AD844.

    AD844 require current as an input…

  • AD844   TZ管脚

    我在做电流发生器时,用到AD844 。  TZ管脚与2管脚电流相同,这个相同有什么限制条件??以及2管脚和3管脚电压相等时的条件限制??

  • AD844 CFOA

    I want to purchase AD 844 current feed back operational amplifier, But i am facing a problem while doing simulation part on PSPICE simulator. It is written in data sheet that in case of CFOA current at pin 5 Iz=+ or - of Ix.

    With the help of AD 844…

  • AD844 datasheet error

    Kind of cruising through the industry CFA datasheets for the better DC error ones for this next PlanetAnalog article - There was more effort than usual in the old AD844 datasheet, which is nice, but I happened to notice looking down a bit further there…

  • AD844是一款不错的片子,问题来了

    为什么pspice中的AD844只能放大到400mV左右,官网的spice模型也是400mV左右,实际中易震荡了,放大倍数又是提不上去,有没有好的方法来解决这个问题呢,是不符合稳定条件,还是电源耦合,也可能去耦不好,头快炸了,总之是见鬼了,有没有lBOARD LAYOUT参考啊,请教大家,小弟不胜感激


  • RE: 用AD844和AD633进行时域扫描,没有曲线


  • Is there any possibility to implement 8 pin Fully differential current conveyors using AD's, as we do implement CCIIs and DVCCIIs with AD844?

    we can implement second generation current conveyors with 3 pins of AD844s'. Also i attached the figure of implementation of Differential voltage Current Conevyor with commercialy  AD844AN ICs. I want to know about any possible model of Fully deferential…

  • AD844可以单电源供电吗,我想用他做一个恒流源电路,+5V和地给他供电,没有负电压可以吗


  • RE: DA板卡输出驱动长电缆,放大器选型?

    AD817的驱动能力比AD844强,而且AD844驱动大电容性负载需要外接RC,其它特性基本差不多,谢谢回复,  !