I designed and fabricated a PCB that includes the RMS-to-DC chip AD8436.

    Please find attached the Altium schematic of the AD8436 chip in pdf.

    As you can see, I placed a second-order passive low-pass filter at the output of the output buffer (at…

  • Simulation error in LTspice for RMS-to-DC Converter AD8436 and AD736


    As I followed the application note and the datasheet to test the real rms-to-dc converter circuit, I first chose the AD8436 because of its high operating frequency. However the simulation in LTspice always come the similar errors no matter which circuit…

  • Different supply voltage for RMS CORE and output buffer of AD8436

    Is it permissible to power the RMS CORE into AD8436 with one voltage (for example, 5V) and the output buffer with another voltage (for example, 20V)? Will the chip work reliably if it will be turned on like this?

  • RMS-to-DC Converter AD8436 - CAVG connections question

    Hi everyone,

    I plan to use a RMS-to-DC converter AD8436 with the ability to set the integration time to process both "high" and very low frequency signals (down to 1 Hz or why not less ...) keeping a reasonable setting time. So to do this I need to t…

  • AD8436 input range


    I would like to use the AD8436 to capture the output of the SCT-013 sensor and convert the rms to dc.

    I took a look at the datasheet and saw that the input range is 100uV to 3V, on the other hand, the sensor output SCT-013 sensor is from 0V to 1V…

  • Unused AD8436 Input and Output OP AMPs

    Nowhere in the AD8436 data sheet or in Application Note AN-1341 do I find any information about what to do with the inputs of and unused FET input OP-AMP or an unused DC Buffer output amp.  The only thing referencing unused amps is in the dat sheet, "…

  • AD8436 -Sellen-Key

    good morning I'm effective the Ad8436 to make a voltmeter and an ammeter, the input signal comes from a variator made with triac, so I will not have a clean sine wave, so the signals with a cero factor crest.
    By linking the datasheet and the application…

  • AD8436 : MODEL SPICE (une fois de plus!!)


    I can't use AD8436 spice model  with pspice .

    The output file contains :

    X_U5.B3 +15V -15V X_U5.I X_U5.IF V ---------------$ ERROR -- Invalid parameter + IBUFVP -V VEE 4.8 160u 0

    X_U5.B4 +15V -15V X_U5.I X_U5.IF V ---------------$ERROR -- Invalid…

  • ADIsimPE ----AD8436 No analysis has been specified

    Good day,

             When simulate with AD8436 model, "No analysis has been specified"  occur, the pin name of this model is not same with datasheet

    can you kindly help to double check whether the model can work well with SIMetrix, thank you.

  • AD8436 - Power supply

    My hand-held meter project has only a battery for a power supply. Must I
    provide a separate negative power supply for the AD8436?


    A unique feature is the ability of the AD8436 to operate with either single or
    dual supplies. Simply select…