• RE: AD8436 : MODEL SPICE (une fois de plus!!)

    Hello SLE CHANU481,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. I am happy that this PSPICE-model works for you.

    I have attached the modifed subcircuit of the AD8436 for PSPICE.

    By the way it will work with LTspiceXVII too, because LTspiceXVII accepts this PSPICE…

  • AD8436: single supply or dual supply

    Do you recommend to use AD8436 with single or dual supply?


    The AD8436 is fully specified for dual supplies but will also operate over
    single supply range of 4V to 36V. It doesn’t matter whether you use AD8436 with
    single or dual supply…
  • RE: AD8436单电源供电问题



  • RE: AD8436检测问题



  • RE: How can I connect the not use pin for AD8436?

    Hi, Kaos.

    The first image below, Figure 31 of the datasheet, shows the basic connection of AD8436 if you want to use the RMS core function only. This uses an averaging capacitor.

    The second image, part of Figure 1 of MS-2405, uses a  crest factor…

  • RE: AD8436 conversion time


    Thank you for your interest in AD8436. AD8436 has no "conversion time" like the conversion time in ADCs. However, AD8436 has a specification called Settling Time which is a measure of how fast the output settles to a certain percentage of error from…

  • Connecting AD8436 to AD7793


    I intend to connect the AD8436 RMS-DC converter to an AD7793. The differential inputs of the AD7793 require the input signal to be biased.

    I would like to ask if there is a proper way to use the internal output buffer of the AD8436 to bias its…

  • AD8436 DC-coupled input


    I am using AD8436 to measure either AC or bipolar DC current. The current sensing element is hall sensor. the hall sensor is powered by 0-5V supply. The AD8436 is also powered by 0-5V supply. The offset for the hall sensor output is half of the…

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      For a newer part, look at the AD8436.


  • AD8436 - Power supply

    My hand-held meter project has only a battery for a power supply. Must I
    provide a separate negative power supply for the AD8436?


    A unique feature is the ability of the AD8436 to operate with either single or
    dual supplies. Simply select…