• RE: AD8436 and AD536A Ltspice simulation

    Hi Mina,

    I was able to get almost the same result for AD536A and AD8436 using the typical application circuit on the datasheet (Figure 13 for AD536A and Figure 21 for AD8436). I also tried using your values and still got the same result.
    Could you share…

  • AD8436 - Power supply

    My hand-held meter project has only a battery for a power supply. Must I
    provide a separate negative power supply for the AD8436?


    A unique feature is the ability of the AD8436 to operate with either single or
    dual supplies. Simply select…
  • AD8436 - Single supply


    I am using AD8436 to measure current magnitude although i have single supply available with me.

    I would like to know if VEE is connected to ground, will i get RMS of positive half cycle only.

  • AD8436 OBUFOUT offset

    While waiting on the AD8436 to arrive, I've tried some simulations using the macro model provided.  The sims were done on LTSpice.

    I'm using the AD8436 with single supply but noticed that the OBUFOUT has a 104.6mV offset.  This does not happen…

  • AD8436 input range


    I would like to use the AD8436 to capture the output of the SCT-013 sensor and convert the rms to dc.

    I took a look at the datasheet and saw that the input range is 100uV to 3V, on the other hand, the sensor output SCT-013 sensor is from 0V to 1V…

  • AD8436 current meter


    Working on a project, where we have to measure currents up to 25Amps on pure sine wave voltage. For this we chose CKSR-15 from LEM. With two primary turns, it is working right between 0A and 25,5A as we need it. For RMS to DC conversion we are…

  • AD8436 RMS-to-DC

    Hi JS,

    I've now had time to look at the AD8436 Data Sheet.

    In my AD737 post, you wondered why people still have interest in an AVERAGE result. Possibly its because as engineers, we want to be able to flick a switch and actually see how poor the…

  • AD8436 long startup time

    I am finding that the AD8436 RMS-to-DC has a significant startup behaviour - 20+ seconds for my application.

    I am using the AD8436 evaluation board: +/- 5 V supplies, IBUF disabled & bypassed, DC coupled, OBUF enabled.  I need to measure pulsed signals…

  • AD8436 CAVG Capacitance Selection


    1) We would like to use Murata ceramic capacitor "GRM31CB31E106KA75L"

       (5V supply Leakage Current at 25℃ : 1uA) for the CAVG capacitance

       of AD8436 in the following condition.

       Is there any problem?

       Operating Temperature : -20~55…

  • AD8436 DC Voltages

    I am using an AD8436 to attempt to convert AC voltages to an RMS equivalent as well as pass DC values through the circuit unaffected. My setup is the same as Figure 40 on page 15 of the datasheet (http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation…