• RE: AD8428 with intermittent floating inputs

    Hi Pseudovector,

    The parts usually get damage if you violated any of the absolute max rating shown below.  Floating inputs should not damage the part though this can make the AD8228 output to go into the supply rails and overdrive the next stage after the…

  • AD8428 Heating

    I am trying to design an IN AMP with gain 2000 Using AD8428 but my ic is overheating when i connect input voltage of 1mVpp and output is rectangular with 22Vpp.

    Is my IC is damage or there some problem in my connection?

  • SPICE-model AD8428...???

    Hi, everybody!

    Where to take SPICE-model AD8428...???

  • RE: 超高共模抑制比仪表运放

    AD8428, CMRR > 140dB,只是增益固定为2000

  • RE: Help selecting a high gain amp


    I would use an Instrumentation Amp with a stable 1V on one side.  Look at AD8421, AD8428, AD8229, or AD8226.


  • AD8428 AD8275 SPICE model ?

    Pls send the AD8428 & AD8275 SPICE model to me.


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  • AD8428 SPICE model not working

    Hi all,

    I have recently tried to run a simple simulation of the AD8428. I have downloaded the model, imported into LTSpice and run a simple transient simulation. The problem here is that the output does not amplify the input signal, but it stays constant…

  • RE: AD8428 Electrode interface

    Hello viewgsm,

    The AD8428 will be appropriate when you have a differential signal that must be amplified in the presence of some (possibly larger) common mode voltage.

    The way I see your circuit is something like this with a ground referenced signal…

  • RE: Instrumentation Amp for very small Voltage Differences

    Hi Nick,

    I think I overlooked some details on your question. If you are expecting a uV to mV signal, you can consider using one of these amplifiers : AD8429, AD8428, AD8421 which are low noise instrumentation amplifier that might be a good candidate…