• RE: AD8222: input voltage range question

    Hi niranjan,

    Yes. You have it right. Whether you drive the inputs differentially or fix/ground one input, the input voltage range does not change. The voltage at each input must be kept within the specified range, regardless of the voltage at the other…

  • RE: High Voltage Input Instrumentation Amplier

    Hello Terry,

    You may want to consider something like the AD8226. It has built-in protection for the input levels that you require and can operate from a single supply. The output is rail-to-rail, so it can swing very close to the power supply voltages…

  • RE: PulSAR AD7980 driven by AD8615 and AD8426 and GND

    Hi, Damien.

    Is your application multiplexed? If yes, one of the considerations in choosing a driver amplifier is settling time. The AD8237 has a settling time to 0.01% of 80us for a 4V output step so it would not be able to settle the input in time.…

  • Noise spec of AD8222, AD 8224, AD8426


    I really find the instrumentation amplifier, AD8222, AD8224, AD8426 with differential output really useful. But I have a question regardign the noise spec when using these in differential output mode. With the term noise spec I am referring to terms…

  • RE: Stacking AD620's with common gain resistor

    Hi Dave,

    I'm afraid that's not possible. If you have space constraints, maybe I can suggest the dual In-Amps AD8222, AD8224, or AD8426, that come in LFCSP packages (much smaller than AD620. Alternatively, for multiple-lead ECG, you could consider ADAS1000…

  • RE: AD620 reference circuit



    Keep in mind that the AD620 came out in 1991, and if you have to redesign due to obsolescence,

    it will cost you money.  Look at some of the newer InAmps, such as AD8422, AD8421, AD8426.

      Also, the 598 and 698 do math.

    Are you going to do this…

  • RE: Analog switch to detach EEG electrodes from circuit

    Hi Gustavo,

    I wasn't able to find a reference footprint for AD8426. The package is CP-16-19.

    Can you refer me to it? Alternatively can you tell me if the diagonal pins need corresponding pads on the circuit board for centering? The package drawing…

  • RE: use ad623 to amp a 0~100ma signal

    Hello Cloud Lin,

    It does not match your original schematic, but according to your new configuration, this should not give you any problems. It also looks like you could increase your gain even further to get a larger signal at the output.

    Please note…

  • RE: Looking for a QUAD Instrumentation Amp- AD620

    Hi Giulia,

    We don't have any available quad in amp, it is only available in either single or dual channel. Since you need a quad, one option is to use two dual channel in amp. Here is the list of dual channel in amps that we have: AD8426, AD8224

  • RE: Driving PulSAR A/D directly from AD8221 in op-amp

    Hello Damien,

    It looks like you are making good progress. By placing the gain on the second stage you are helping maintain the AC CMRR of your system. Here's a few things to consider in your current version of the circuit:

    1. You should change the…