• AD8422 oscillation at output


    I use the AD8422 In-amp in two different places in my board. Both AD8422 uses dual supply of about -12V and 12V. Both are connected to an analog switch and then to the input

    of a LT1468 that is used as a buffer to drive an ADC.

    One is used to measure…

  • Which LDO is the AD8422 suitable for?

    I have an AD8422 instrumentation amplifier.
    I need a +-5V source to supply the AD8422 instrumentation amplifier.

    I am using ADR4550 as reference voltage.
    (1.) I already have the ADR4550 as a reference voltage do I still need an LDO?
    (2.) Excuse me, how do…

  • What makes AD8422 robust

    The data sheet mentions robustness as a feature. What makes AD8422 robust


    AD8422 extends the standard set by the AD8421 in robustness. It is one of the
    most robust instrumentation amplifiers on the market today. It features high
    ESD (Electrostatic…

  • Single power supply of ad8422

    Hello, I want to know how ad8422 chip uses single power supply to amplify bipolar signals? My simulation gain in Multisum is less than 1, which can not reach 100 times when the chip is powered by dual power supply.

  • How does the AD8422 calculate the output voltage correctly?

    Sorry I'm using an instrumentation amplifier for the first time and I'm a novice
    I have two sensors and the output voltage is both referenced to 0.9V. The two sensor signals differ by 180 degrees. My signal is between (0.9V+0.4V=1.3v) to (0.9V…

  • What differentiates the AD8422 from previous products?


    ADI already has many instrumentation amplifiers that are highly respected. What
    differentiates the AD8422 from previous products?


    AD620 set an industry standard for instrumentation amplifier performance 20
    years ago. AD8221 came 10 years later with…

  • Is the AD8422 intended for single-supply applications


    You mentioned rail-to-rail output. Is the AD8422 intended for single-supply


    The AD8422 works on a wide range of supplies from +4.6V single supply to ±18V
    dual-supply, providing excellent power-savings and high-precision performance…

  • RE: AD8422 for EMG Measurement

    Hi David,

    Apologies as we have missed this thread.
    Were you able to solve your issue with your circuit?
    In case you still need help, can you provide the schematic diagram you're using with the AD8422? We can try to spot if there are obvious errors on the…

  • common pitfalls to avoid while designing with AD8422?

    What are some common pitfalls to avoid while designing with AD8422?


    AD8422 is a high performance precision instrumentation amplifier. In order to
    achieve the optimum performance, it must be applied properly. 

    Floating sensors: Instrumentation…