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  • AD8422

    Dear all, 

    I'm testing AD8422 using EVAL-INAMP board. 

    Test set-up is the following:

    • +/-5V power supply
    • Signal generator with the following configuration: sinusoidal waveform, 134mV pk-pk, 0V offset, 100kHz. 
    • AD8422 gain set to 5,5 (Rg=4,4kOhms),
    • AD…
  • AD8422


    I'm using AD8422 to amplify the siganl from bridge circuit.

    when I/P voltage 5V,RG = 301 ohm i see the output amplified linearly.

    for 0KG on bridge ckt = 0.3824V

         1KG                 = 0.5089

          2kG   = 0.6350

           3Kg = 0.7611

    But for RG = 100 ohm

    0KG = 2…

  • What makes AD8422 robust

    The data sheet mentions robustness as a feature. What makes AD8422 robust


    AD8422 extends the standard set by the AD8421 in robustness. It is one of the
    most robust instrumentation amplifiers on the market today. It features high
  • AD8422 Test Result Check


    I'm trying to find out the reason of difference result with voltage divider at the VIN+/VIN- inputs and without it.

    Can you please help me to find out the reason ?

    Test 1. : Diamond Plot

                      Input : Vin+ = +3V DC, Vin- = GND

                      Output = 3V

  • AD8422 amplification issue

    We are using op-amp (P/N: AD8422BRZ) to measure current using Rsense (10 ohms resistor). The calculations and simulations are matching but the actual measurement doesn’t.

     For the given below circuit, With 270 ohms load, I = 86mA.

    Drop across R50…

  • Question about AD8422

    Hi All,

    I didn't know that AD8422 minimum single supply voltage spec changed from 3.6V to 4.6V. I have not checked its data sheet in English, only checked the one in Japanese. Certainly some AD8422s' Gain I have been testing are smaller


  • AD8422和AD8429


  • Experimental CMRR calculation of AD8422.

    I have used  AD620 for my earlier analog front end circuits. I want to replace AD620 with AD8422.

    I want to replicate the CMRR vs Frequency graph given in the data sheet and the results I have got is too diverse.

    Can anyone instruct me the techniques…