• AD8421 Supply Current


    I am using AD8421 As a differential Amplifier along with AD210 as shown below configuration.

    AD210 VISS provides +/-15V at +/-5mA current as per datasheet.

    AD8421 Consumes +/-2.3mA as per Datasheet.

    But when I Connect in the above configuration,…

  • AD8421 gain error

    Hello, I am designing a differential thermocouple (no need for reference T) and I have decided to use two AD8421 amps in order to get a 0-5V output for my DAQ system. The differential input signal is expected to be around 41u-415u using a set of K-type…

  • AD8421- evaluation board

    Hi,   I am considering to use evaluation board for low-noise instrumentation amplifier AD 8421.

    May I please ask the following questions in this regard :

    1. What all components (IC's) do we get along with the board ?

    2. How many layered board is…

  • AD8421 offset

    I have tested two  AD8421ARZ  with gain 991 (Rg=10). Power Supply +/-5V. Both inputs connected to gnd through 2k.

    One amplifier has offset 21mV, the other has 5mV. Is this difference between amplifiers normal?

  • Instrumentation Amplifier AD8421

    I need to use AD8421 Instrumentation amplifier for amplifying low voltages range from 378 uV  to 720 mV. I have simulated AD8421 instrumentation amplifier with gain 4.98 (Rg=2.49 kΩ) The output offset contnuously vary from uV to mV range as in simulation…

  • AD8421 input problem

    Hi, We are using a AD8421 as the front end for some general purpose data acquisition.  It is being driven by a signal generator (with grounded negative side). If we put a 10k resistor (R10 in the schematic below) across the AD8421 inputs, the output hits…

  • Performance verification for ad8421


    I'm interested in a similar application like the one in the application note AN-1264 (https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/application-notes/AN-1264.pdf). I would like to know if the PCB designs are available (sale or reference…


    I am using AD8421, with gain 991 and input filter R=2k, Cc=1nF, Cd=100nF.

    Where is the best place to put inputs to ground for offset calibration (cmos switch)

    -  close to input pins or in front of filter resistors

    Best regards,


  • AD8421 offset compensation

    Good day!

    Could you help with a circuit solution to compensate the initial offset of the output of the instrumental amplifier AD8421 to ensure stable offset regardless of time and temperature. Today after each switch on, there are oscillations at the output…

  • Consideration for AD8421

    Dear all,

                     I have rigged up a circuit with AD8421,supply voltages +30V (+Vs) and -2.5V (-Vs).  The circuit is working properly at only unity gain, when i have tried to put up some gain around 10 to 100, the output of the amplifier is not up to the calculated…