• AD8421-BRMZ vs AD8421-TRMZ (EP)


    I plan to use AD8421 instrument amplifier for a new design ( 3kOhm pressure Wheatstone bridge) . I was considering AD8421-EP ( TRMZ), but after a short comparaison, it seems that AD8421-EP offer a better range of temperature but AD8421 ( BRMZ) could…

  • RE: AD8421阻抗


  • AD8421 Robustness

    AD8421 is touted for its robustness.  Can you give me some examples?


    AD8421 is one of the most robust instrumentation amplifier on the market
    today.  It features high ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection rating of 2kV
    HBM (Human Body…
  • AD8421 LtSPICE


    I'm trying to perform a very simple LtSPICE simulation using the AD8421. I'm running into a weird issue that I can't figure out. The gain of the system is basically non existent. I've read that analog devices cannot confirm the accuracy of their…

  • AD8421


    We are using the AD8421 in our product and seeing a test failure where the CMRR test we are doing is failing.

    For example:

    1.) On a good channel the AD8421 is the front-end of our signal path and when we doing our common mode rejection ratio test…

  • AD8421 Military Version


    So is there a military version of the AD8421?


    Military applications often require exposure to hostile environments, such as
    higher temperature, higher pressure, and high reliability.  ADI has a series of
    Enhanced Products (EP) that caters to…

  • AD8421: Output impedance

    I am interested to know wich is the output resistance of the Instrumentation
    amplifier AD8421 becouse I need to compensate the effect of this one in the
    next stage of my design.


    We did not measure the output impedance at high…
  • AD8421 Export Restrictions

    Are there export restrictions on the AD8421?


    Instrumentation amplifiers are classified as an IC Amplifier per US export
    control standards, and are generally not subjected to export restrictions such
    as those encountered by other types…
  • AD8421 performance considerations

    Dear all,

    designing with AD8421 is really a nice thing, because this device has superb performance characteristics making it a very good part. However looking at following questions related to it shows it has some hidden pit falls, too.

    This is similar…

  • AD8421 Supply Current


    I am using AD8421 As a differential Amplifier along with AD210 as shown below configuration.

    AD210 VISS provides +/-15V at +/-5mA current as per datasheet.

    AD8421 Consumes +/-2.3mA as per Datasheet.

    But when I Connect in the above configuration,…