• AD8421 Supply Current


    I am using AD8421 As a differential Amplifier along with AD210 as shown below configuration.

    AD210 VISS provides +/-15V at +/-5mA current as per datasheet.

    AD8421 Consumes +/-2.3mA as per Datasheet.

    But when I Connect in the above configuration,…

  • RE: Differential Amplifier for 32-bit ADC

    The 32-bit ADC is going to be used for DC voltage measurement.

    Input voltage to diff.amp:
    +/-5mVdc (AD8253, AD8421)
    +/-50mVdc (AD8253, AD8421)
    +/-500mVdc (AD8253, AD8421)
    +/-5Vdc (AD8253, AD8421)
    +/-10Vd (AD8253)

    I have been looking at the AD8421 and AD8253…

  • AD8421-BRMZ vs AD8421-TRMZ (EP)


    I plan to use AD8421 instrument amplifier for a new design ( 3kOhm pressure Wheatstone bridge) . I was considering AD8421-EP ( TRMZ), but after a short comparaison, it seems that AD8421-EP offer a better range of temperature but AD8421 ( BRMZ) could…

  • AD8421 Common Design Pitfalls to Avoid

    What are common pitfalls to avoid while designing with AD8421?


    AD8421 is a high performance precision instrumentation amplifier, and as such,
    face certain situations for which it is unsuitable.  One of the most useful
    illustrations in…
  • I have a question can you help me?

    My question is about part AD8421

  • AD8421 LtSPICE


    I'm trying to perform a very simple LtSPICE simulation using the AD8421. I'm running into a weird issue that I can't figure out. The gain of the system is basically non existent. I've read that analog devices cannot confirm the accuracy of their…

  • AD8421 Robustness

    AD8421 is touted for its robustness.  Can you give me some examples?


    AD8421 is one of the most robust instrumentation amplifier on the market
    today.  It features high ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection rating of 2kV
    HBM (Human Body…
  • AD8421 offset

    I have tested two  AD8421ARZ  with gain 991 (Rg=10). Power Supply +/-5V. Both inputs connected to gnd through 2k.

    One amplifier has offset 21mV, the other has 5mV. Is this difference between amplifiers normal?

  • Consideration for AD8421

    Dear all,

                     I have rigged up a circuit with AD8421,supply voltages +30V (+Vs) and -2.5V (-Vs).  The circuit is working properly at only unity gain, when i have tried to put up some gain around 10 to 100, the output of the amplifier is not up to the calculated…