• RE: 求前辈,寻求一款电流放大器,输入几毫安级,输出百毫安级,100~150倍,3.6V左右供电


    把其中AD8422换成AD8420 ,其静态功耗电流为100uA,或者选用AD8235或者AD8236,其静态功耗电流为40uA,但是其失调电压会稍差一些!

  • RE: AD8237 Spice Model doesn't work with OrCAD


    For the meantime, you could try using AD8420 which is almost similar to AD8237. Both are micropower instrumentation amplifiers used for ECG applications.

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  • How can I convert +-5V to a 4 to 20mA loop current signal?


    I have an electromechanical seismometer with a +-5V voice coil signal output representing velocity, and I want to signal condition the line by converting the signal to a 4 - 20mA output. I recently experimented with the EVAL-CN0314-EB1Z circuit eval…

  • 关于AD627在4-20mA检测电路中的问题





  • RE: Whats the best Inamp for high speed current sensing?

    Hello Ian,

    Yes, I agree that your choice would be sufficient enough in your application. But you may also want to consider AD8420 or AD8421. AD8420 is a wide supply range, micropower, rail to rail inAmp but the bandwidth is a little lower. AD8420's CMRR…

  • RE: Regarding the conversion of mv to volt and then convert to 4 to 20 ma

    Hi Ram,

    We actually have a reference circuit which accepts 0 to 5V input and convert it to 4-20mA output.

    Here is the link: http://www.analog.com/media/en/reference-design-documentation/reference-designs/CN0314.pdf

    For your other circuit that has 0…

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  • RE: Hi, A question about the difference between the 524 and 624



      There are some minor differences, but the major ones are the AD624 is wider temp and lower offset.

    Depending on what your supply voltages are, the gain you need, and the highest signal frequency,

    you could look at the AD8422, AD8237, AD8421…

  • RE: High Voltage Input Instrumentation Amplier

    Hi Terry,

    In response to your inquiry about the AD8420, it has not released yet, but if your design schedule allows it I believe it would also be a very good choice for your design. It has high input-protection, allows for single-supply operation, and…