• AD8420: +/-1V differential input voltage a rule or suggestion?

    I am using an AD8420 in a current-sensing application.The differential input range during operation won't exceed +/-1V, but when the device is in standby mode, a relay opens, and the inputs are exposed to greater differential input voltages.

    Is the…

  • 使用AD8420用于放大电阻桥,没有压差时输出却接近3V,不清楚是什么原因?

    我在使用AD8420仪表放大器,驱动一个经典的电阻桥电路时,没有施加压力时输出异常; 电阻桥采用的是恒压源4V,

    基准电压3V同时给STM32F407VGT6做基准。设计增益为56倍,压力范围0~500g,输出压差是0~50mV,根据设置增益应该输出0~2.8V, 采用意法半导体STM32F407VGT6内部的12位AD。输入电压范围是0~VREF+ (0~3V), 麻烦老师看看我的电路哪里设计有问题吗?谢谢!

  • AD8420 ECG application


    I am trying to design an ECG amplifier with AD8420, which will be connected to ADC. And later I want to use it for smaller signals like EEG. I am trying to implement this circuit from the data sheet. And I have some questions regarding this circuit…

  • What evaluation board could be used for AD8420?

    I'm looking for a medical EMG sensor application and found that AD8420 would suite.

    What evaluation board could be used for AD8420?

    What could be alternatives?

    I need to meet low power, low noise, nano Amp Bias, high CMRR, gain > 1000 requirements…

  • FAQ: Input Common Mode Voltage Range of In Amps


    My instrumentation amplifier works at lower gains, but it can't seem to reach the desired output value at higher gains.



    You are probably running into the input common mode voltage vs…

  • AD8237 - Difference from other ADI instrumentation amplifier

    How is the AD8237 different from other ADI instrumentation amplifiers?


    The AD8237 is based on an Indirect Current Feedback (ICF) architecture.
    This architecture is fairly new to ADI, with only AD8237 and the AD8420 in the
  • RE: AD5749 counterpart current sense receiver Amplifier 4-20mA

    Any feedback guys?

    As we moved forward with prototyping, we actually implemented a solution using AD8420 configured with a 50R load as 4-20mA current receiver and optionally also configured the ADA4945 as SE input stage with a 54R9 load resistor and calculated…

  • EVAL-CN0314-EB1Z - application note and schematic of evaluation module does not match


    This is the transmitter configuration showed in reference design of AD8420 (follow the link bellow) and in the PDF bellow it find the schematic for "EVAL-CN0314-EB1Z" gived by analog devices.

    So here is the thing, in "EVAL-CN0314-EB1Z" when…

  • RE: CN-0314 used to measure ground referenced 0-50mV

    Hello Jerzy,

    it's not done with some resistor changes. Please keep in mind, that the resistor construct of R2/R4 with R1/R3 and R5 along with 5V reference is used to 'scale' the input voltage (0-5V resp- 0-10V) down to a range of 195mV - 990mV, which…

  • AD8237 - Application example

    Are there any interesting circuits that didn’t quite make the datasheet?


    AD8237 does very well on a single supply measuring small ground-referenced
    signals. A great example is a thermocouple interface. A grounded thermocouple