• AD8420 ECG application


    I am trying to design an ECG amplifier with AD8420, which will be connected to ADC. And later I want to use it for smaller signals like EEG. I am trying to implement this circuit from the data sheet. And I have some questions regarding this circuit…

  • Help needed with AD8420 design

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with the AD8420 in-amp in a new electromagnetic flow meter design. Please refer to the attached image of a section of the circuit diagram.

    The AD8420 is powered from a 3 V supply with the REF pin connected to mid-rail…

  • AD8420 4-20mA Receiver grounding

    I have a simple AD8420 configured as a 4-20mA receiver powered by +12v/GND .  The issue I have is that the output is only valid if I tie the return of the 4-20mA source (AI420_4_N) to the same ground as my board (DGND).  

    I'm within the common mode requirements…

  • AD8420 port surge protection

    Dear team.
    For AD8420 port surge protection, what is the appropriate protection voltage for TVS?

  • AD8420 and LTSpice simulation

    Dear team,
    I used LTSpice to simulate the 4-20mA receiver of CN-0314, and the simulation results were wrong. Don't know the reason.
    Please point out the error, thank you.


  • 4-20mA receiver using AD8420 - gain equation

    Hi guys, 

    I am using AD8420 in 4-20mA current loop receiver configuration. Referring document is https://www.analog.com/media/en/reference-design-documentation/reference-designs/CN0314.pdf

    I am using 3.3V external reference instead of ADR02 for voltage…

  • What evaluation board could be used for AD8420?

    I'm looking for a medical EMG sensor application and found that AD8420 would suite.

    What evaluation board could be used for AD8420?

    What could be alternatives?

    I need to meet low power, low noise, nano Amp Bias, high CMRR, gain > 1000 requirements…

  • AD8420: +/-1V differential input voltage a rule or suggestion?

    I am using an AD8420 in a current-sensing application.The differential input range during operation won't exceed +/-1V, but when the device is in standby mode, a relay opens, and the inputs are exposed to greater differential input voltages.

    Is the…

  • High Voltage DC PWM Motor Voltage Measurement using AD8420

    I need to monitor the motor RPM to ensure that the driven device (propeller) is not over sped. I know some of the specifications for the drive motor and the propeller system:

    Motor Max RPM = 18,720 @ 36V (520 RPM / Volt)
    Prop Max RPM = 7,500
    Drive Gear…

  • Problem with the ad8420 configured as a transmitter to get 4-20mA at its output

    Hi. I have a problem with a design that I made with the AD8420. I proceed to place the schematic diagram to explain more clearly my problem.

    Design a transmitter that receives a voltage of 0 to 10V at its input. The output must obtain a current in the…