• AD8418A NC pin

    Hi Analog,

    Quick question regarding the AD8418A. The datasheet specifies PIN-4 of the MSOP-8 as "No Connect. Do not connect to this pin.". I'm guessing the pin is not internally connected? I would like to connect this pin to GND so I just want to confirm…

  • AD8418a Back to back connection


    Is it possible to connect two AD8418a in reverse back to back configuration? I've tried with simulation and It was OK.

    It would be very nice if you can answer me.

    Thank you.

  • RE: AD8418A Relationship between VREF pin setting and offset

    Hi T-yoshi,

    Good day! I apologize, that we missed this inquiry of yours. I am currently working on it and will get back to you.

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  • AD8208, AD8418A: displaying increased offset voltage at very low Vsense voltages (below 1V VCM)

    We are using one of your competitor Instrumentation Amplifier for a shunt based
    valve control, which is now displaying increased offset voltage at very low
    Vsense voltages (below 1V VCM). Your competition describes that issue in the

  • AD8418A phase margin

    Hi team,

    We are designing a board using AD8418A.

    So, we will verify our design on the board.

    I want to see if there is enough phase margin, but I can only see it in a closed loop.

    Is there another way to determine if the phase margin is sufficient?

  • AD8418A Maximum Capacitive load

    Hi team,

    Please tell me the detail of Maximum Capacitive load : 500pF.

    Does this mean that the AD8418 can only drive up to a load of 500pF?

    If so, what happens if capacitive load exceed this?

    Since we are using AD input, we assume that the capacity…

  • AD8418A design question

    We are using AD8418A as the 48V DC motor current detection solution, the circuit design is similar to the example in the datasheet.

    Now uses 0.3mΩ(two 0.6mΩ parallel ) Rshunt resistor, and the maximum detection current will be 300A.

    Does this…

  • AD8418A input failure mode

    Hi all,

    I would like to know if you have information on the failure mode of the AD8418A when it experiences an overvoltage condition on the -IN/+IN pins. I'm especially interested in whether the input pins will short or open to GND. The application would…

  • RE: Inquiry regarding AD8418A OUTpin EMC protection

    Hello, thank you for prompt your reply and confirmation.

    On this phase, we are just considering about the EMC protection on the output.

    Also, on other thread, we have another inquiry regarding AD8418A. We would appreciate if you could refer to this as well…

  • Inquiry regarding AD8418A Phase/Gain Margin on LTSpice simulation

    Hello, all

    Now we have inquiry regarding AD8418A Phase/Gain Margin on LTSpice simulation from our customer.

    Please refer to the item below, and feedback us with your comment.

    Following is the based LTSpice schematic for the measurement of AD8418A Phase…