• AD8418/A vs AD8210

    2 questions about AD8418 family,

    1. which P/N is recommended for new design AD8418 or AD8418A? We see our engineer do some improvement on AD8418A for timing parameter. Could you help us to check the difference between AD8418 and AD8418A?

    2.due to cost 

  • RE: What is a difference between AD8418 and AD8418A?

    Hi moto,

    Apart from the changes in the spec, the main difference between the AD8418 and the AD8418A is that the AD8418A has a faster common mode settling time. You can check Figure 18 of both parts. Notice that for the AD8418, it takes a little over…

  • RE: (AD8418)Which is faster device between AD8418 and AD8418A?

    Hi Annna.

    Thank you for your answer.

    I understood AD8418 is faster than AD8418A.

    But as I attached at Question No.1 , it looks AD8418A is faster than AD8418 when the input signal is small.

    Can explain about this too?

    And you said that AD8418 is less…

  • (AD8418A)datasheet change Rev.B to Rev.C


    I have some questions about AD8418A.

    I found ADI changed AD8418A datasheet.


    Why did you added this specification?


    Did ADI changed this figure because of typo?

    Best regards


  • AD8418A failure mode?

    Hi Experts,

    Could you help to advise the Failure mode of AD8418A, we want to know the failure mechanism of AD8418A, the output will short/open to Vs or GND? We need to make sure the failure mode, and design some protection circuits to prevent the further…

  • RE: (AD8418A)datasheet RevA vs RevB

    Hi Kawa,

    When we first released the AD8418A datasheet we were very conservative with the specs. After looking at several years' worth of data, we were able to change the test limits, which gave us our new specs shown on the updated AD8418A datasheet…

  • RE: (AD8418A)Is there any possibility that the output latch to Vs?

    Hi Kris.

    I don't know the PWM frequency which there using for the gate driver.

    Is the PWM frequency are important?

    Because for AD8418A, like I said, the current input frequency are 71Hz .

    And the input waveform is sine-wave.

    As I attached …

  • AD8418A surge voltage.

    Can I protect the AD8418A from 100V 50 mSec. with external series resistors.

  • RE: AD8418/18A ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS for Input Voltage Range survival

    Hi Kamino-san,

    The information that Kris provided is a good start for initial indications of transient survival, however the durations and voltages only directly predict application survival if they applied with a capacitor and a through a source impedance…