• RE: (AD8418)Which is faster device between AD8418 and AD8418A?

    Hi Annna.

    Thank you for your answer.

    I understood AD8418 is faster than AD8418A.

    But as I attached at Question No.1 , it looks AD8418A is faster than AD8418 when the input signal is small.

    Can explain about this too?

    And you said that AD8418 is less…

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  • AD8211 AC current monitoring **EDIT using AD8418 instead


    **EDIT** I read that my original part AD8211 is a unidirectional current shunt monitor, so now I have revised the question using a bidirectional chip the AD8418.    Question has been re-written with AD8418.

    I am confused to whether the AD8418 (current…

  • RE: (AD8418A)datasheet RevA vs RevB

    Hi Dan

    I got it.

    Some of our customer are trying to us AD8418A or AD8418 or AD8417 and

    normally they need very high accuracy so if ADI can change(improve) AD8418 and AD8417 too,

    maybe it would be good news for our customer.

    Best regards


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  • AD8418 是否可以PIN TO PIN 替换AD8206 ?

    AD8418 是否可以PIN TO PIN 替换AD8206

  • RE: AD8418A, AD8417 EMI filter

    Hi, Taiki.

    I had attached the EMI data of AD8418 here. I think this is closer to the AD8418A. For the meantime you can refer to this.

    As a side note, adding external filters is still better even though the parts have built-in EMI filters. So if you…

  • RE: What is a difference between AD8418 and AD8418A?

    Hi moto,

    Apart from the changes in the spec, the main difference between the AD8418 and the AD8418A is that the AD8418A has a faster common mode settling time. You can check Figure 18 of both parts. Notice that for the AD8418, it takes a little over…

  • (AD8418A)Vout ≠ Vref

    Hi !

    I have a question about AD8418A.

    This is my test circuit.

    I measured the Output voltage but it is not Vref level.

    => I don't have AD8418A so I measured AD8418.

    Why this happens?

    Our customer said that  this won't happen when they…

  • RE: About AD8418 OFFSET

    AD8418  is fixed on 20 times of gain inside.

    So When I input -IN and +IN same Voltage,Output Voltage is ±200μV☓20(Gain) or  ±200μV?