• RE: Accurate measurements of mA DC currents

    You should use a ready-to-use current sensor that are made for high/low side detection. Anything else makes life more complicated.

    Examples: AD628, AD8417, ADM4073, AD8418A, etc. etc.

  • RE: AD8210检测电流大小问题


  • RE: AD8418, use with second amp to minimize Rsh?

    Hi Andrew,

    Let me see whether I can find some resources that you can use. In the meantime, you might want to take a look at the AD8417. It is similar in architecture to the AD8418, but it has a gain of 60, which will allow you to use a smaller shunt…

  • RE: H-Bridge low side current sensing with AD8293GXX?

    Hi, Qwirk.

    Yes you can measure current with AD8293.

    You can also use AD8417/AD8418 which is specifically designed for current sensing applications. This has high CMRR and low input offset which is necessary in current sensing.



  • Is it ok to adjust AD8418 output anywhere between GND and Vs?

    Specifically I'd need to adjust output to +1V when Vs is +3.3V.

    I would do this by tying Vref2 to GND, and pulling Vref1 to +3.3V with ~120k resistor. Assuming 100k  internal resistor in Vref1 and Vref2 that should work, but does it lead to noise…

  • (AD8206/AD8211)Why did you change the datasheet?

    Hi !

    I have some questions about ADI datasheet.

    Our team are checking the datasheet because if the datasheet was changed we have to explain the changes.

    And today , we found many datasheet was changed.

    For just one example , AD8206 datasheet was changed…

  • How to use the current sens amp for PWM motor application?


    I would like to know how to use current sense amp in PWM motor drive system.

    For example, AD8418 has a peak output by input common-mode step response.
    AD8418A,AD8417, AD8210 .... also.
    (see AD8418 datasheet Fig.18)

    These noise are tough to erase…

  • RE: Can I use the AD620 IA single ended up to 36 vdc?


    Oh.  So your question really was "The AD620 is spec'ed for +/-15V, can I operate it on ground and +24V??"

    Here's a snippet from a recent email to another customer regarding op amps, but it also applies to InAmps:

    "We get this type of…

  • 伺服电机控制解决方案

    针对电机控制解决方案,ADI公司提供了门类齐全的产品组 合,其中包括了模数/数模转换器、放大器、嵌入式处理器、 iCoupler®数字隔离器、电源管理器件和实时以太网解决方案; 这些高性能的器件和增加系统集成度有助于实现更新型的拓扑 结构设计,为客户实现系统的差异化设计带来价值,比如,更 快主频的处理器可以运行更加复杂的算法,高性能的ADC可以 支持更高性能的电流环控制等等。伺服驱动系统的性能同用户 最终所构建的运动控制系统的性能和所能提供的精度密切相 关,多数情况下,最终的用途可以是一个高精度数控机床系…

  • RE: LTC6102 or Other Recommendation

    Hi ,

    In case you've not seen our parametric search for Current Sense devices, here it is.

    You can use the Excel filters to narrow down your search.