• [AD8417] Supply current

    Hi team,

    AD8417 data sheet states that the maximum quiescent current is 4.1mA.

    What is the typical quiescent current?

    I just want to know how much it is usually for reference.

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  • RE: AD8417 CMRR

    Hi Franz-san,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I was asking this question thinking that CMRR is Referred to the Input, but now I think that CMRR is Referred to the Output.

    If so, it makes sense to think that LTspice's CMRR is set to 106dB.

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  • RE: AD8417 Should I consider about aging


    Apparently, I could not see long term drift plot from the product's data sheet but here is a reliability data of AD8417 which I think a good basis on anticipating device performance.

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  • AD8417 output linearity

    Hi ADI exporter,

    I surveying current sensing Amplifier AD8417 and AD8219. After I checked AD8417 datasheet, there are no “OUTPUT LINEARITY” characteristics information. But AD8219 with output linearity information in the datasheet. May I have…

  • RE: AD8417 / AD8205  capacitive load


    I attached a sample simulation of AD8417 in LTspice.AD8417.zip

  • AD8417 Ratiometric Accuracy of referance

    I can see Ratiometric Accuracy =0.5-0.2% to 0.5+0.2% (0.499 to 0.501) at table 2 on AD8417 data sheet page 3.

    And, I can see that accuracy of approximately is 0.5% at "SPLITTING AN EXTERNAL REFERENCE"  page 12  on AD8417 data sheet.

    How do I need …

  • AD8418A, AD8417 EMI filter

    Hi all,

    According to the datasheet of AD8418A and AD8417, these devices have EMI filter but there are no specs of this filter.

    Then I'd like to know following points.

    1. What is the detail of these EMI filter?
    2. What is the amount of EMIRR(EMI…
  • (AD8417)If I can calibrate the system , can I cancel the input offset?

    Hi !

    I have few questions about AD8417.

    I am suggesting AD8417 to one of my customer to sense the current of the battery system with high side.

    The system which I suggest now is this.

    And the competitor is INA213-Q1(http://www.tij.co.jp/jp/lit…

  • RE: LTC6102使用问题


  • RE: (AD8418A)datasheet RevA vs RevB

    Hi Dan

    I got it.

    Some of our customer are trying to us AD8418A or AD8418 or AD8417 and

    normally they need very high accuracy so if ADI can change(improve) AD8418 and AD8417 too,

    maybe it would be good news for our customer.

    Best regards