• RE: (AD8418A)datasheet RevA vs RevB

    Hi Dan

    I got it.

    Some of our customer are trying to us AD8418A or AD8418 or AD8417 and

    normally they need very high accuracy so if ADI can change(improve) AD8418 and AD8417 too,

    maybe it would be good news for our customer.

    Best regards


  • AD8417 / AD8205  capacitive load


    Output line looks like that a filter is necessary for noise countermeasure.
    So, How much can it mount capacitive load?

    I want its LTSPICE Model.
    I tried convert AD8417.cir, AD8205.cir file to LTPSICE Model. But there was an error and it was impossible…

  • AD8418A, AD8417 EMI filter

    Hi all,

    According to the datasheet of AD8418A and AD8417, these devices have EMI filter but there are no specs of this filter.

    Then I'd like to know following points.

    1. What is the detail of these EMI filter?
    2. What is the amount of EMIRR(EMI…
  • AD8417 Ratiometric Accuracy of referance

    I can see Ratiometric Accuracy =0.5-0.2% to 0.5+0.2% (0.499 to 0.501) at table 2 on AD8417 data sheet page 3.

    And, I can see that accuracy of approximately is 0.5% at "SPLITTING AN EXTERNAL REFERENCE"  page 12  on AD8417 data sheet.

    How do I need …

  • RE: LTC6102使用问题


  • RE: (AD8417)If I can calibrate the system , can I cancel the input offset?

    Hello Kawa,

    If you have a way to disconnect the high end of your resistor from the source (maybe a switch), then it does look like you could calibrate that error our correctly. What you get out of the ADC in that condition should be the error that you…

  • RE: Accurate measurements of mA DC currents

    You should use a ready-to-use current sensor that are made for high/low side detection. Anything else makes life more complicated.

    Examples: AD628, AD8417, ADM4073, AD8418A, etc. etc.

  • RE: AD8210检测电流大小问题


  • RE: H-Bridge low side current sensing with AD8293GXX?

    Hi, Qwirk.

    Yes you can measure current with AD8293.

    You can also use AD8417/AD8418 which is specifically designed for current sensing applications. This has high CMRR and low input offset which is necessary in current sensing.



  • Is it ok to adjust AD8418 output anywhere between GND and Vs?

    Specifically I'd need to adjust output to +1V when Vs is +3.3V.

    I would do this by tying Vref2 to GND, and pulling Vref1 to +3.3V with ~120k resistor. Assuming 100k  internal resistor in Vref1 and Vref2 that should work, but does it lead to noise…