• RE: IBIS Model or S-parameter file for AD8403


    We do not have the IBIS model or S-parameter for AD8403.

  • AD8403 read backs

    Does anyone have any experience reading from the AD8403 over the SPI bus?  I'd like to verify my writes are indeed working.

  • AD8403 - 1k Part


    We want to use the AD8403-1K part for my led current control application, We have few questions as below

    1) I want to use VDD voltage as 3.3V, but LED Supply as the 5V between Ra and Rw, Can it be possible? Rb we will connect to the ground.

    2) Can…

  • AD8403: Connecting to digital

    I would like to know is there any problem connecting several digital pot.
    AD8403 on the same SPI bus while giving a uniq CS for each chip (not a daisy

    So all SDI's connected to the controller's output signal, all CLK's connected…
  • AD8403 - SDPAPI interface



    I am trying to communicate to the AD8403 Evaluation board via SDP-B platform. I have received an evaluation software with the board which works fine. I would like to communicate to the board via VB.net script and hence I am using the sdpapi1.dll…

  • Interfacing ARM and AD8403(Digital Potentiometer)

    Dear sir/mam,

            As i am working interfacing ARM and AD8403 IC(digital potentiometer),i am measure resistance value,what i am doing is from ARM i am sending data through SPI every 20sec data i am tranmitting,and AD8403 IC what i am sending it will give…

  • AD8403 Evaluation board resistance range


    I wish to know what is the Resistance range of the AD8403 IC that exists on the AD8403 Evaluation board (the EVAL-AD8403SDZ).
    Is It 1K Ohm? 

  • 问题: AD8403问题


  • AD620与AD8403一起使用的问题






  • Can we get 4 different frequencies analog outputs simultaneously from AD8403 IC


    I am using AD8403 for Analog output. I want to get 4 different frequencies analog outputs simultaneously from that IC. Is it possible? please let me know 

    Thanks and Regards 

    Thippeswamy H U