• AD8403 Evaluation board resistance range


    I wish to know what is the Resistance range of the AD8403 IC that exists on the AD8403 Evaluation board (the EVAL-AD8403SDZ).
    Is It 1K Ohm? 

  • RE: AD8403A10 communication Check !

    Hi koka,

    Safety in the communication lines must be embedded to the design of the chip. The AD8403 cannot interpret any additional data that the microcontroller sends and the only way to check if the data is incorrect is if the AD8403 doesn't respond…

  • RE: Interfacing ARM and AD8403(Digital Potentiometer)

    Always fluctuation it will be there in this AD8403 IC if i send any data??

  • AD8403 read backs

    Does anyone have any experience reading from the AD8403 over the SPI bus?  I'd like to verify my writes are indeed working.

  • AD8403: Connecting to digital

    I would like to know is there any problem connecting several digital pot.
    AD8403 on the same SPI bus while giving a uniq CS for each chip (not a daisy

    So all SDI's connected to the controller's output signal, all CLK's connected…
  • Can we get 4 different frequencies analog outputs simultaneously from AD8403 IC


    I am using AD8403 for Analog output. I want to get 4 different frequencies analog outputs simultaneously from that IC. Is it possible? please let me know 

    Thanks and Regards 

    Thippeswamy H U

  • RE: AD620与AD8403一起使用的问题


  • RE: AD8403 - SDPAPI interface


    Unfortunately I cant help with the code but I'll try to help with the setup:

    First, have you setup the GPIO pins of the SDP board?

    Figures 11 and 13 of the UG-255 will help this explanation:

    Since this is a multiDAC board, there are different…

  • Comment on AD8403: Connecting to digital


    I use AD8403 A10 digital potentiometer.Is a 10K potentiometer ? is it true, why I write "0001000000" and must have 2.5 k(10k/256 * 64) between W1 and A1 pins but I see 2k in these pins ? what's problem ?