• AD8400的阻值可以直接使用万用表测吗


  • AD8400 damage ocuured twice

    Hi all,  hi Analog, t ried to use an AD8400 for a  direct 10Kohm trimmer replacement on existent circuit and no more viper variation after a brief time

    The original circuit is simply for volume variation in a radio, signal on A terminal via capacitor, B…

  • ad8400 spi interface

    Hi, I got a problem with the spi interface between msp430 and the ad8400.

    I am trying to build a connection between a msp430 processor and ad8400. BUT now the problem is, no matter how I send the code to ad8400, the value of the resistance between B and…

  • RE: AD8400 Digital Potentiometer Voltage Range

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  • 数字电位计AD8400的问题


  • RE: AD8400-1KOhm For PT100 Simulation

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  • the waveform between W1 and B1 of AD8400

    hello! I tested AD8400 with an oscilloscope.

    the waveforms is followed:

    the waveform should be 0V . Why is there such a pulse waveform?

  • Two AD8400 in parallel. Is it ok?

     Hello, community! 

     In my project. I need to control resistance from very low values (25 Ohms or less). Because wiper resistance of AD8400 is about 50 Ohms, I plan to connect several AD8400 in parallel.

     Are there any restrictions for using AD8400 (and…

  • Limitation of input current of AD8400 terminals.


    I have a question about limitation of input current on A, B, W termials of AD8400.

    In table-5 of the datashee, Absolute Maximum Rating, the current limitation is described as followings. The limitation was changed when the datasheet revision…

  • AD8400 Impedance Matching

    I am planning to use AD8400 for impedance matching on our board,

    The impedance should be viewed between a terminal and ground.

    So can i use Pin A as terminal and use Pin B with wiper(W) as gnd, will it work when the wiper is moved to change the resistance…