• AD8397 Pspice


    I am unable to find AD8397 component on Capture CIS of OrCAD simulation software. In which library is this present ? 

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  • AD8397 input voltage ranges datasheet Rev A

    All input voltage range values are missing in the datasheet Rev A.

    What is the input voltage range of AD8397 when using the part with 12V single


    I’m going to have to do a little more characterization and add this to the data…
  • RE: AD8397 output

    Hello Jino,

    i stumbled over almost the same problem which is described by the thread starter. Obviously the IVR is still not included in the AD8397 datasheet...

    One thing is very strange: we wanted to use the AD8397 as an output buffer for a resolver…

  • AD8397 has high power consumption

    Hi ADI engineer

          AD8397 was found to be hot during testing.Further test found that after disconnecting the input and output of AD8397, its own power consumption is 25mA, (the current given in the manual is 9mA) its own current consumption is too large…

  • AD8397 SOIC_N_EP

    AD8397  SOIC_N_EP , EP CONNECT to GND or -VCC? the datasheet have no information。

  • AD8397 SOIC_N_EP封装热焊盘接哪里呢?

    AD8397 SOIC_N_EP封装热焊盘接哪里呢?datasheet里没有说明呢,是接GND 还是 接-VCC?

  • AD8397 OUTPUT

    Hi ADI Engineer,

    Recently, I encountered a unexpected problem when used the operation amplifier AD8397.Before described the problem, please see the attach file that is circuit schematic.

    the range of the output is 0-10V(4*Vin)

    When the Vin was less…

  • About the amplification of AD8397?

    In the official manual CN-0317, use the AD8397 to amplify the AD2S1210 excitation signal output. The schematic diagram is as follows My own configuration of the circuit is as follows。 Is this configuration correct? What's the problem? The excitation signal…

  • ad8397的配置问题?