• AD8376的阻抗匹配问题


  • RE: AD8376 vs. ADL5202

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  • RE: AD8376 Filter Matching


    Please refer to the attached document.  It should answer your question.


  • AD8376 cascading and gain seeting

    Hi all,

    at the moment I am busy designing in AD8376 digital controlled VGA in our application. We want to use this OP in an broad band application which mean a frequency range range between some kHz up to 35 MHz.

    When studying datasheet I found some…

  • RE: Can I please get s2p  files of AD8367, AD8676 and S3P  file of AD8343

    Hi Shraddha,

    With regards to the AD8676 (10Mhz RtoR opamp), we do not have nay s2p files.  Did you happened to mean AD8376?



  • AD8376 or AD83875 output bias current

    Hello together,

    at the moment we are busy designing a broad band receiver whith the follwowing input specifications:

    fin: 4kHz - 35MHz with variable amplitude.

    To adjust the receveier to the incomming signal we have decided to cascade ther stages of…

  • RE: AD9644 - driving DC-coupled signle ended analong signal

    Hello Topi,

    1. The open collector output mode implies that the outputs need to be pulled high to supply.  The AD8376 is a 5V device.  Therefore, to answer your question, the output common mode voltage will be 5V in the case where you replace the output…

  • RE: Query about ADL5202 IMD and Harmonics

    Hi Wayne,

                        The lowest frequency shown in  the IMD, HD2 &HD3 graphs and spec table in the ADL5202 datasheet is 46 MHz.
    I've measured the HD2, HD3and IMD3 at 30 MHz. HD2 = -94.5 dBc, HD3 = -108.9 dBc and IMD3 = -92.dBc. THe support enginneer responsible…

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