• AD8376 vs. ADL5202

    Hi.  I would like to use a VGA to drive a AD9434-500 ADC.  The input signal is broadband with relevant content between 5 MHz and 250 MHz.  The AD8376 datasheet describes a resistor output bias method for broadband applications.  Does the ADL5202 also require…

  • AD8376 Load Impedance


    My customer has the following question. Can you advise if the 50 Ohms load impedance would be sufficient for his application?

    On page 15 of the data sheet, it says: "Whereas the gain of the AD8376 is load dependent, RL in parallel with R1 + R2…

  • AD8376 Filter Matching

    Hi, actually I'm working in an interface between the ADL5380 and the AD8376 chip. The ADL5380 specfifies that using a high impedance load like for example 500 Ohm you'll get some  extra gain.

    The AD8376 has internal termination of 150 Ohm differential…

  • AD8376输入问题

    AD8376 是否支持模拟视频信号 直流耦合输入?

  • AD8376 cascading and gain seeting

    Hi all,

    at the moment I am busy designing in AD8376 digital controlled VGA in our application. We want to use this OP in an broad band application which mean a frequency range range between some kHz up to 35 MHz.

    When studying datasheet I found some…

  • AD8376的阻抗匹配问题


  • AD8376 or AD83875 output bias current

    Hello together,

    at the moment we are busy designing a broad band receiver whith the follwowing input specifications:

    fin: 4kHz - 35MHz with variable amplitude.

    To adjust the receveier to the incomming signal we have decided to cascade ther stages of…

  • FAQ: Operation of AD8375 and AD8376 Digitally Controlled VGAs at Low Frequency


    The frequency response plots in the AD8376 and AD8376 DGA data sheets show roll-off at low frequency. Is there any way around this?


  • ad8376将底噪抬高!  如何解决!见图!  测试条件!   输入输出与外界断开!  5V外部电源 单独供电!  标准匹配    实际 需要输入信号为70M  带宽28M   调制信号!

    ad8376将底噪抬高!  如何解决!见图!  测试条件!   输入输出与外界断开!  5V外部电源 单独供电!  标准匹配    实际 需要输入信号为70M  带宽28M   调制信号!

  • RE: Can I please get s2p  files of AD8367, AD8676 and S3P  file of AD8343

    Hi Shraddha,

    With regards to the AD8676 (10Mhz RtoR opamp), we do not have nay s2p files.  Did you happened to mean AD8376?